Downey Tax Company is located in the shammas Eye center building between Downey Avenue and Brookshire Avenue on the north side of Florence Avenue.

You must fill out a form book for the appointment of a personal income tax preparation with the Downey Tax Company. With the tax advisor that is earliest available, you will be scheduled the time and the day you request.

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Remote return services:

Here are some steps to start these services:

Step 1:

Request remote income tax return services:

Here are some options for the request sending:

Option 1:

You must be filling up a form that is given on the Downey Tax Company website for the remote income tax return request.

Option 2:

You also send your request through email

[email protected]

Option 3:

You must be called on the office number


Step 2:

Connect with a tax professional:

You get your tax file started; we will reach out to you to the answer initial questions.

Step 3:

Your tax documents upload:

Send us your tax forms, supporting documents, and identifying information.

Your tax information will be evaluated by your tax professional and throughout the preparation of the tax process, they will be in contact with you.

Step 4:

Review file and Pay

To go over for payment option your tax professional will contact you and review the file thoroughly and your return finalize.

Services of Downey tax company:

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Preparation services of professional tax:

  • Remote income tax preparation

Without the need for a face-to-face meeting, save time and headaches by letting us prepare your tax return.

  • Income tax preparation
  • Use and sales tax
  • Payment calculation of estimated tax
  • ITIN W-7 Applications
  • Amended tax return
  • Preparation of small business tax
    • The single member of limited liability company (LLC).
    • Partnership
    • Sole proprietor

Help by IRS:

A notice did you receive from the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and internal revenue services (IRS)? For free we will review it

  • Income of under-reported
  • Back taxes
  • Agreements of installment
  • Offer in compromise
  • Audit assistance
  • Late returns of filing
  • Relief of innocent spouse
  • ID theft affidavit
  • Release on garnishment

Solutions of business:

  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Contract of business
    • Employer contract
    • Agreement of partnership
  • Entity setup of business
    • Partnership
    • Limited liability company LLC
    • Incorporation
    • Non-profit

The mission of Downey Tax Company:

At Downey Tax Company, to prepare your tax return accurately and thoroughly to ensure you leave our office organized and confidently it’s our mission. As a tax return company, we will always understand the sensitivity and importance. To prepare your tax return with integrity our fully qualified and trained team of tax advisors will use all available resources, tools, and expertise. We are here to maximize your saving of tax dollars and to help you better understand taxes.

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In this article, I briefly describe the different services that are provided by the Downey Tax Company. I also tried to discuss all the details about their best services and their best mission. You will also contact the tax advisor of Downey Tax Company using the email or phone number that is given in the above article.