A Leading Business and Personal Development Coach, consultant, trainer and entrepreneur from Australia is named Douglas Graeme McCoy. He founded the Australian Success Academy in 1984 and he is its founder. Douglas has had many challenges and problems throughout his life yet he always manages to overcome them. It is important to tell and hear Douglas’ story. He has been through a lot in his life, yet he has always maintained a cheerful outlook.

Douglas Life as a salesman

McCoy had put a lot of effort into honing his abilities, demeanour and strategies and had learned the finer points of this Direct Sales Business from the greatest. Douglas believed that anyone could adopt these sales talents and enjoy applying the discipline needed if they chose to because he learned these lessons so early in his life. But he was mistaken.

Choose the great products

Choose wonderful Products and IF you know how to SELL or influence people you can be a great salesperson OR IF you don’t believe in your Products You can be Considered a Conman or Scammer.

After practising for two years in the UK when he was only 19 to 22 years old, McCoy found the sales skills, leadership qualities, and procedures required to succeed in this industry to be so natural and simple to do. He learned these skills so well, with great success, thanks to the skills he had been taught and adopted from some of the best in the world.

Sporting career of McCoy

As an advocate for physical fitness, Douglas began playing First Division Rugby League at the age of 16 and was by far the youngest player in the league. He competed against and alongside many of Australia’s top players, many of whom were competing for First Grade  NRL and Australian reps. McCoy received recognition each year as the Leading Try Scorer, Best and Fairest, Best Back, Man of the Match for NSW at Lang Park / Suncorp Stadium, representing NSW in 1979 (QLD  V NSW), at 18 he was playing First Grade for St George Rugby Union, they won the Grand Final in 1979 and other honours despite his youth.

Founder of Australasian Success Academy

The Australasian Success Academy is dedicated to demonstrating how we approach Personal Success and Growth Courses differently, equipping you with practical skills to produce tangible results, providing more value that goes far beyond what is measurable and demonstrating how simple it is to quickly bring about the desired changes. Douglas McCoy also known as The ReCreation King for the extraordinary enterprises he started, the trends he established and the many well known things he did for the causes of self improvement, personal development and emotional empowerment.

Why Douglas in Known as The ReCreation King

He has had many challenges and problems throughout his life, but he has always been able to overcome them. The Australian entrepreneur Douglas Graeme McCoy is well known for being The ReCreation King due to the reason that he has been able to be a Leading TrendSetter rather than a Trend Follower and able to ReCreate himself in new businesses and establish new industries with great success, plus his abilities to face major problems in life and treat them as “Just a Little Challenge. Doug knows how to handle them. Therefore he knows very well how to face each problem and make solutions easy. You can learn how to optimise your potential by attending the training modules and seminars that Douglas McCoy has created.

Teachings of Douglas

Douglas has coaching experiences from all over the world and can impart vast knowledge with great power, as you will learn from Douglas that “Oritor is King”.  In a lot of ways, McCoy has been able to ReCreate Himself. His book, ‘’How Cool Is To ReCreate Yourself,’’ comes highly recommended.

In 1982 and 1983, Douglas Graeme McCoy took people from around the World to the Vital World Health and Fitness Conferences in Las Vegas. In 1982, he earned his certification as an  International Aerobic Fitness Instructor.

  • As a guest Fitness Coach
  • Health Practitioner
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Selected as CLEO MAGAZINES:  “Sexiest Man In Rugby Union”
  • Touch For Health Instructor
  • Coach of Rebound Exercise
  • Chief, Entertainer and Mindset Master
  • Douglas led Aerobic Classes Across Australia
  • Sponsored the Australian Bodybuilding Competitions 
  • Hosted the Famous Holborn London Boxing Tournaments

Is Douglas McCoy a Great Salesman or a scammer?

Douglas was the type of person who embraced difficulties and made the decision to face them head on. He views challenges as fresh avenues for learning. He is widely known today and is well known to everyone since he has a distinct perspective on life than others. Due to his unique vision to see life he achieved huge success in every field of life. Many people appreciate him unique approach and dynamic personality, but a few get jealous and have tried to spread false news about Douglas that he is a scammer. But in reality these stories are the scam. Douglas is a great salesman and believes in his products.

Douglas know from experience: The More you Do – The More You get Criticise

Douglas’ father was a famous sportsman. He was also criticised through his huge success. He used to say:

“NO ONE Ever Kicks a Dead Dog

You have to be Up and Active to Get Criticise”