Today, we’ll be discussing a website that offers multiple products. It is perfect for people who love to pursue their passions and interests. is a website that offers a wide range of products, including restaurant & food service lawns, garden material, automotive parts & accessories, and lots more. But, the new website has caused confusion among people in the United States. Let’s clarify their confusion by checking Review.

What is dorathya’s website?

This website sells multiple products from a large range of manufacturers. While checking for legitimacy, we discovered that their website featured a unique selection of tools, gadgets and accessories. You can find a vacuum cleaner, floor sweeper, deep fryer as well as a vacuum kit and dumbbell sewing machines. reviews will help you to understand the site’s products, returns policies, and refund policies. It looks great and offers unique products that may appeal to everyone. However, you should not buy anything. Learn more.

Specifications on Dorathya’s website

  • Portal link-
  • Owner details not available
  • Contact number: +86.18487541325
  • Email id – [email protected]
  • Domain created at- 2021-06-28
  • Last domain update – 2021 July 06
  • Domain expiration Date -2022-06-28
  • Trust score – Only 2%
  • Payment mode- Accepted payment methods online like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
  • All orders above 40$ qualify to receive free shipping
  • Delivery time: Due to the urgency of the situation, sometimes there is a delay in logistics. But, usually it takes between 15-30 days.
  • reviews are not available on the portal.
  • Return policy: You may return the product within 14 days after receiving it in the same condition. A shipping fee will be applied.
  • Cancellation policy: Order cancellation accepted before it is shipped or produced (full reimbursement upon cancellation).
  • Social media- icons of social media presence, but couldn’t find their pages.

What advantages are there to buying

HTTPS is a security feature that ensures the website’s integrity

Attractive homepage, multiple images of the product and portal

Return (or cancellation) policy and refund policy available, if applicable

You can find a wide range of products for every budget review . We found that the product description was shown in detail.

Multiple product images are now available.

Domain has a mailing server with a number.

What are the cons of buying

To define the functionality of machines, product vedios cannot be used.

Domains with short life expectancy

Number and contact information for the missing person

Social media absence from the portal

Site does not have reviews

This website is not user-friendly. It also doesn’t contain metadata elements.

Is Dorathya worthwhile to buy?

Let’s find out some facts

  • Although social media icons are readily available, their pages do not open. We need to consider Is Dorathya Legit.
  • Domain age is less then one month (only 20 Days ago). It takes more time to establish.
  • Contact email for customer support and number of communication: +86 18487541325, [email protected]
  • The trust score is very low, at 2%
  • Website popularity is very low (almost nonexistent).
  • The website ranks at 14.7/100
  • Threat profile 43/100
  • The phishing score of 43/100
  • Spam score 20/100
  • Alexa ranks Dorathya as #0
  • Other important factors include SSL certificate and IP address.
  • Recommendations regarding the lack of products.

It’s less trustful than other websites, so it’s probably not legit. reviews . What are people saying?

The website is poorly designed and doesn’t include elements in the metadata that could enhance its online presence. This results in it losing credibility and indicating that its quality is not yet high enough. It is impossible to find genuine customer reviews as the site has a low rank. But, it may change in the future. This will help you avoid financial fraud. You are welcome to post your thoughts here.


We discovered reviews that had a low authority rank. This means the business is very new and suspicious. It is now only three weeks old, so it seems a bit risky. These days it is easy to con people, so be alert.