Forecasting Love and Weather: Episodes 9-10 Open Thread

What is the result when a couple has two distinct ideas about what a happy relationship should look like and has two different endings in mind? As the summer heat continues, the conflict between our couples, particularly when the term “marriage,” gets thrown into the mix. You can watch Forecasting Love and Weather in HD quality for free only on doramas vip. Doramasmp4 and estrenos doramas are also the best platforms to watch doramas online for free in Spanish.


We see Ha-Kyung and Shiwoo looking smiling and adorable in the bar; however, a proposal at the restaurant, which unintentionally initiated in front of them — creates an interesting snafu. However, Shi-woo’s reaction isn’t exactly what we’d want. 

Instead, he expresses a negative opinion regarding marriage, and Ha-Kyung can’t resist picking the incident up.

Before they get about it, she’s questioned by Ki-Joon in the workplace for her apparent relationship with Shi-woo. She cannot deny it (somehow), and the whole thing is as sour as you can imagine; Ki-Joon is a deplorable character and the rest


Then, Ha-Kyung raises the alarm. I’M too Shi-woo. They have an amusing rapid-fire IM exchange that catches the attention of KIM SOOO JIN ( Chae Seo-eun), and from the moment one becomes skeptical of the pair.

Ha-Kyung would like to be dating more discreetly, and they decide to plan the idea of a camping trip for the weekend. However, Ki-Joon is at their heels trying to find evidence that could be incriminating. The show is meant to be funny; however, at this point, I’m just not laughing at Ki-Joon’s character.

Ki-Joon doesn’t attend his mother’s birthday dinner with Yoo-jin. Instead, he is critical of her shopping for herself when she’s used the bonus money on a designer bag for his mom and the entire week revolves around Ha-Kyung. It’s deplorable, even to the point of being boring. Ki-Joon, you need to live!

Another interesting event from this week’s episode is that both couples go out to discuss their ex-loves. While Shi-woo and Ki-Joon are doing their best to get their business in order, they have an unusual moment of maturity for both of them. Ki-Joon tells Shi-woo that she doesn’t want to date with the intention of marrying.

While Ha-Kyung is looking for Yoo-jin as she’s a little irritated by what she believes is Shi-woo’s anti-marriage viewpoint, in the end, we discover from Yoo-jin that Shiwoo is an agnostic; she has broken up with him because Shi-woo isn’t a believer in marriage. It is also revealed that Yoo Jin got married to Ki-Joong because he was the first person to want to get married to her.

I was not a big fan of Yoo-jin. But the more we learn about her, the more I am drawn to her. I’m sorry she got stuck with Ki-Joon. Hopefully, he will put his act together quickly.

If there’s anything enjoyable about the show, it’s that its main couple has a wonderful way of communicating about everything. And we get to witness them dealing with the bumps that they encounter. The marriage discussion is a great illustration of this.

Ha-Kyung claims she views marriage as a result of a relationship, whereas Shi-woo regards the process (and the family they marry into) as an obligation. “What could our ending be if not marriage?” Ha-Kyung asks. It’s a fascinating problem for the couple.

As this plays out on the screen, her mother is surprised by a banchan delivery and discovers (with the usual amount of shock) that two mature men reside alongside her child. However, she loves Seok-ho’s appearance and puts on her matching hat. 

It’s a shame she’s the wrong girl in the spotlight. (I’m very impressed by Seok-ho and uni’s pairing. Penguins! 

The marriage issue will be played out throughout Episode 10 with Ha-Kyung and the Shi-woo, who see two different pictures of their married lives. 

Ha-Kyung gets a message from Myung-Joo, who, unhappier than she is, advises her to remain unmarried and not bear the burden of having a family. At the same time, Shi-woo can see the huge smile Dong-Han has in his eyes when he talks about his role as a husband’s father. He encourages Shi-woo to go through these things, and I am awestruck by this moment (especially given that Dong-Han is happy about his family even though his situation isn’t ideal). Also, I’m certain that I know what’s coming up the next time.

Sure enough, right when Shi-woo has a different conception of what marriage might appear to be (and discovers from Yoo Jin the possible consequences for a man to tell you that he’s not interested in marriage to you), And so does Ha-Kyung. However, they’re not the same reaction that both move toward the other’s position.

We can see Ha-Kyung rethinking her decision, and when Mom arrives with additional requirements, Ha-Kyung declares she’ll not ever get married. I can understand why Mom has her at this point, and I can also see how the counsel that Ha-Kyung and Shi-woo have gained from their parents has impacted their decisions. However, how do you alter your mind about something that important after a single instance? Do they want to please their peers, or do they want to satisfy them?
Whatever the case changes shortly, and as the episode ends, Yoo-jin departs with a suitcase stating that she and Ki-Joon need to take a break, and Ha-Kyung picks Shi-woo to work for an extended period on Jeju. Whomp whomp.