Road trips are an easy getaway from a hectic work routine, or you can say a mini-vacation that you need every once in a while!

If you haven’t decided on your road trip destination yet, Fort Myers might be an excellent choice. Fort Myers is a small city in the southwest of Florida, US.

Being popular for its beautiful natural sceneries and beaches, Fort Myers attracts a large number of tourists every year. 

If you are planning to arrange a road trip around the city of Fort Myers, then this mini-guide might be helpful to you! 

From choosing the best places to visit or having reasonable dining out at night, everything is listed below! You can also find a hassle-free car rental service!

Renting a Car In Fort Myers

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Best Season to Visit Fort Myers

Fort Myers is known for its sunny beaches and historic homes. The perfect time for a vacation might be summer! However, you must know that the beaches in the summer are usually crowded.

Between March and May, the weather is most pleasant. The temperature ranges from 59 F to 89 F, which means you can never predict whether it’s gonna be windy or sunny today.

Another great time to pay a visit would be October to December.

If you want to experience the cold breezes, this would be the best time for you! The temperature can go as low as 56 F in December. 

3 Places You Must Visit In Fort Myers

In Fort Myers, every corner of the city is worth exploring! But on a short road trip, you can’t possibly enjoy all of it. So make sure you visit the best three places listed below!

  1. Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Did you know that the great Thomas Edison and his friend Henry Ford had their winter residences in Fort Myers?

These winter estates are one of the most unique historical attractions and are open for tourism as well. It provides an insight into the life of the two geniuses. 

  1. Fort Myers Beach

Beaches are always a good idea, whether you’re traveling with friends or your family.

The beaches in Fort Myers are considered the best in the region. The beaches are flat with shallow water and are considered safe for swimming. 

The beautiful palm trees are seen all around the beaches, making it a natural paradise.

  1. Manatee Park

Fort Myer is home to the Manatee mammals, also known as sea cows! You can visit the park for free and watch them living in their natural habitat.

If you have kids with you, then manatee park is worth a visit!

Best Restaurants In Fort Myers

The city has restaurants by the beaches that make the dining experience really memorable!

  1. Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille Ft. Myers Beach

Enjoy your favorite seaside food, with the soothing sound of waves at this restaurant!

  1. Cabanas Beach Bar & Grille

Have a refreshing start to your day by the beach, and enjoy the American food with the drinks of your choice!

  1. Outrigger Tiki Bar and Deckside Cafe

About 3.4 miles away from Fort Myers Beach, you will find this beautiful dining destination! 

This bar serves American food. You can also book the outdoor seating for a phenomenal experience with family and friends.