If you’re an avid hunter like my husband, then whenever you’re lucky enough to hit something big like an elk, you’ve probably brought it home to put into your deep freezer. What would you do if all that meat spoiled? Sure, you didn’t pay any money for it, but it’s a shame to see all that food go to waste. This recently happened to comedian and podcaster Joe Roagan, which prompted me to look for solutions to avoid the same problem. After all, I do have a deep freezer full of steaks and sausages that I’d rather give away than see it spoil! 

Modern Solutions To Old Problems

The best solution I found was to buy myself a freezer alarm wifi device. In simple terms, it is a small device that you can attach to your freezer to monitor the temperature inside. It also connects to your wifi network, so it can alert you if there is a sudden drop in temperature or other malfunctions that require your attention. This means you can get to the deep freezer before the meat has had time to thaw, and find somewhere to store it if the deep freezer is not working at all. 

How Freezer Alarms Work

They have a temperature sensitive sensor, and are set up to send an alert (via the internet) whenever the temperature in the freezer either exceeds or goes below the recommended range. Some devices also allow you to set custom minimum and maximum temperatures for more versatility. The alert notifications can reach you via a variety of methods, such as email, pop alert, etc. The important thing is that the alarm acts like a watchdog, informing you when the temperature strays from the normal range. 

What To Do If I Get An Alert

There is no reason to panic if you got an alert from your freezer alarm. Depending on the reason for the temperature change, your course of action may differ. For example, if the problem is a power outage, then you do not need to repair anything but will need to consider moving the contents of the freezer somewhere else. This may not be needed if you know that the power outage will be relatively short (less than an hour), because your freezer will stay relatively cold and the contents will not start thawing immediately. However, if you come to your freezer after an alarm and see that the appliance is damaged, you will need to decide whether to repair it or to buy a new one to suit your needs. Both are good options, and you will need to choose according to your budget and specific situation. If you don’t know where to take your freezer contents, consider taking it to a local charity – you would have lost the food anyway, so why not do something out of the kindness of your heart?

Needless to say, a freezer alarm is an essential device for anyone who stores the spoils of their hunting hobby at their home. Wasting perfectly good meat is not an option.