Doitwithoutdues com guides us on many facts. This site really provides a lot of facts about practical life. Amazon has launched it as a measure to convince workers to vote against unionism. These elections will be held at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. Amazon launched in the United States.

Through Do It Without Fees, amazon has tried to communicate to workers that Union will not provide a job security guarantee, or that Union cannot get you better wages, amazon is guiding workers to approach management directly with any issues if face it.

What is Doitwithoutdues com?

It is an online platform used by Amazon to move workers to the management side. Instead of forming a union. In expressing its views, Amazon has taken the philosophical approach of using mind-guiding quotes: the first and most important quote is 1. “Do it without fees.”

Amazon has tried to convince workers that amazon has already made all provisions for workers such as high wages, health care, vision, and dental benefits in its management policy. The management has already created a safety committee to listen to workers’ problems; therefore, it is not necessary to form another union. Doitwithoutdues com supports workers for their money and their self-confidence.

Important feature:

“Don’t pay for what you don’t know.”

 Management is teaching the labor community that with a blind mind, they should not sign as union members. Because later on, the same paper will become binding to pay the monthly membership dues that will be detected from your monthly salary in advance.

Details about the difference between Maker and due

“Be a doer, not a due.”

Be friendly with your family and friends and invest for them instead of paying monthly installments up front.

“Quotas means no.”

The management of Doitwithoutdues com is trying to emphasize learning the importance of money. If you already have some rights to you, you are restricting yourself to meet your needs by that amount.

Projection of the importance of self-confidence

“Get your voice back.”

Amazon is speaking in a louder voice in the quote mentioned above. The justification that it does it without com fees states that amazon is promoting workers to realize its importance. By mistake, if they have agreed to become members, they must return the paper or their card to the Union members.


Doitwithoutdues com clearly projects the anti-union policy of the amazon management.

In the United States, amazon has been a non-union business group for 25 years. In the past, Amazon has persuaded workers not to form the Union. Now, in the next election, if workers vote to create the Union, there will be a new wave among Amazon’s working conditions, but will it be supportive? Only time will tell.