Liabilities for Dog Bites

Dog bites are among the most devastating injuries, potentially traumatizing the victim and their family. Dog bites are more common in residential areas, but they can still happen everywhere there are dogs around, including public places.

You should know your legal rights and obligations to avoid becoming a dog bite victim. It will help you avoid becoming a victim in the first place. You need to also be aware of the ethical considerations linked with dog bites and understand how insurance companies deal with cases involving dog bites.

Who Is Liable for Dog Bites?

In the United States, dog bites are one of the most prevalent types of injuries, and each year, over 4 million people are injured due to interactions with dogs. These wounds might be as minor as scratches or as severe as shattered bones. Nonetheless, they pose a significant risk to your physical health and financial stability regardless of their severity.

Dog bite liability laws vary by state, but generally, the dog’s owner is liable for a bite in public areas or on private property. However, this can go in various ways.

Who Is Liable for Dog Bites in Public Places?

A dog bite victim may be able to seek compensation from the owner of the dog that bit them through the legal system. However, there are a few instances in which this rule is not followed. The burden of proof for the victim’s involvement in the attack will be on them.

As a dog owner, you have responsibilities to your dog. A dog bite can occur in public areas such as parks, sidewalks, and other locations where people are walking by. The victim is entitled to compensation for their injuries in addition to any medical bills they may incur.

The law states that the owner of an animal is responsible for any damages caused by the pet. Suppose a dog bites you while on public property. You could claim compensation from its owner through a personal injury lawyer. However, knowing who is liable for damages caused by your pet in public areas is important.

What to Do in Dog Bite Accidents in Public Places?

The first thing you should do if an accident occurs is to call the police. You may need more time to call 911, and convincing them that a dog bite caused your injury can be difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of resources on the Internet that advise you on what to do after an accident. 

Here Are Some Steps You Can Take:

  1.  Immediately wash and clean any wounds with soap and water.
  1. Take pictures of the scene (with your phone or camera) and keep them in case you need them later. You should also record what happened leading up to the accident (for example, who was present at the time of the incident).
  1. Get medical attention as soon as possible because dog bites can cause serious injuries, including infection, nerve damage, and loss of sensation below the injury site.
  1. Call animal control if more than two dogs were involved in the incident or if one belongs to someone else.
  1. Contact a personal injury lawyer so you can file a liability claim.

Who Is Liable For Dog Bites in Rental Areas?

The state where the bite took place determines a dog owner’s responsibility to pay for losses brought on by their pet. Someone bitten by a dog while residing in a rental property, such as a gated community, may be entitled to compensation from the landlord.

You can speak with a lawyer who focuses on dog bites and other animal-related injuries if you have been bitten by one of these animals. Before pursuing any action against your landlord, it is necessary to consult with an experienced professional because local laws might vary substantially.

A dog’s owner or caretaker is often responsible for any harm the animal does. A tenant may be held accountable if their dog causes injury to another person’s possessions or animals. This culpability, however, might be diminished if the landlord took no steps to prevent the presence of the dangerous dog while being aware of the dangers it may pose to the people on the property.

What Should You Do in Dog Bite Accidents in Rental Areas?

If you are a tenant and you get bitten by a dog in your rental property, here are some things that you should do:

1. Talk to the landlord or property manager. If the landlord is responsible for the dog, they can take care of the situation.

2. Call the police. It may be an emergency. You don’t want to be alone when calling the police, but it’s important to report what happened and that an injury is involved (bite or scratch).

3. Get medical attention as soon as possible. Even if it doesn’t seem to hurt that much initially, keep pressure on the wound until you can see a doctor who can treat your injuries properly!

If the bite is more serious or requires stitches, then call your doctor or nurse immediately so they can evaluate your injuries and determine how best to treat them.

4. Keep records of every interaction with your landlord or property manager, including any letters about their pets. It will be useful if anything happens later down the road and you need to file an insurance claim against them for damages caused by their pet.

5. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to help file a claim against your landlord or pet owner.


We hope this page will be helpful for dog bite victims and their families who need the advice to cope with and possibly even avoid these frequently devastating injuries. We concentrate on available legal remedies but also consider the moral ramifications of pet ownership and potential errors pet owners make.

Dog bites do occur, and they can be frightening. But, there are several things you may do to limit the potential harm, both legally and morally. First, you can handle this matter with others. Informing others of what occurred will benefit both the dog’s owner and you. It’s also recommended to call the police immediately to report the event.