Generally, recruiters have to sift through hundreds of applications from interested candidates. This is hard work as it takes hours to get through the CVs and read the cover letters to understand which of the applicants make good candidates. Recruitment agencies must use the services of a candidate skills testing software solution and recruitment software to help recruiters make better hiring decisions.

Technical skills testing alleviates the challenge that recruiters face at the start of every job placement. Instead of having recruiters sift through hundreds of applications over many days and try to find quality candidates through this process, getting candidates to take a skills assessment test is more beneficial. Essentially, it is more beneficial for all parties involved – candidates, clients, and recruiters.

Using the online skills testing software

Recruitment has shifted to digital recruitment after the global health crisis shut down the world for much of last year. In fact many companies who are expanding Internationally have leaned on recruitment agencies, for example recruitment agency China when expanding your workforce in China. Recruiters shifted to remote recruiting with the help of recruitment software. And while online skills testing did exist earlier, it was not as prevalent as it is now. Agencies have come to fully adapt to and adopt online skills testing software to get the desired results in the most efficient and effective ways.

Now measuring candidates on any technical skills – literacy and numeracy or data entry to accounting skills tests – is easy. A good software carries an array of skills tests. All recruiters need to do is select the ones appropriate for the role they are trying to place and send it to the candidates.

This is an easier alternative to arranging for candidates to come into the office to sit for a test. The test results are also immediately sent to the recruiter’s inbox once the recruiter arrives. This entire process is extremely time-saving and encourages efficiency and productivity.

Candidates also enjoy the benefit of being able to take the test from anywhere.

Make sure this software integrates perfectly with the recruitment software being used in the agency. This is necessary to check as it once again helps reduce the amount of time invested in this skills assessment process.

Ways in which skills testing is useful

1.         Hastens candidate shortlisting process

As mentioned above, sorting through the applications is a laborious and time-consuming process. It is a better system to assess candidates’ abilities via standardised tests. This helps make recruiters aware of the quality of their applicants. Then they can begin shortlisting and interviewing candidates according to the needs of the role.

2.         Prevents skills exaggeration

Some job seekers may exaggerate their skills. This is not an uncommon fact. So recruiters have to remain vigilant about this. Hiring the wrong candidate only to find out they do not have the required skill set to do the job affects the company adversely. Candidate skills testing helps mitigate this problem.

3.         Emphasises candidate skills level

Skills testing software constitutes standard test questions made by professionals. The assessments are designed to evaluate candidate knowledge and experience at different levels. Looking at the test results help recruiters understand their candidates’ areas of strength and potential.

4.         Promotes better quality hiring

Finally, armed with the knowledge of their candidate’s abilities and skill levels, recruiters and hiring companies can go on to make better decisions. With candidate skills testing, it is not guesswork anymore but a factual and technical skills assessment.

Staffing agencies must select their skills testing software with care. Make sure that it has a large library of tests covering different subjects. Functionality is important as complicated software systems can be confusing and take more time than necessary. Some recruiters might also stop using the system altogether. Always do the proper research and read the reviews.