If you are a true cannabis fan and haven’t tried out Maui Wowie yet, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Maui Wowie, aka Maui Waui, is a classic marijuana strain that was created in the 1960s. It originated from the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, and to this day, it is still quite famous. The weed wasn’t quite as potent then as it is today.

It was so popular that any type of cannabis that came from the United States was called Maui Wowie. And one question that Astro Eight selling Maui Wowie cartridges often gets asked quite a lot is whether Maui Wowie can get you high. Let’s take a look at the answer you get to this question.

Can You Get High from Using Maui Wowie?

Yes, Maui Wowie does get you high. Being a Sativa dominant bud, Maui Wowie does give its users a happy, energetic high that helps them feel relaxed and free of any tension or stress. It also helps elevate your mood and increase your creativity and energy levels.

This Sativa strain is also known to be quite effective in helping to relieve depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and minor pains and aches. But, if you are looking for a high, that’s gentle, soothing, and elevating, the Maui Wowie strain is what you need.

Apart from the high effects it offers, Here are the benefits that Maui Wowie is famous for.


If you have ever been to Hawaii, the sweet smell of tropical fruit is the one constant aroma you can spot while on the island. And that’s precisely what this Sativa strain smells like. Some of the predominant aromas you can spot include a pineapple aroma, earthy notes, and beautiful citrus.


Maui Wowie boasts of heights of up to 78 inches, which goes to show how big this bud is. It also has a vibrant green appearance intermingled with vibrant orange hairs, making this Sativa strain a sight to behold.


The aroma Maui Wowie produces indicates just how delicious the bud taste. Its predominant flavor is a sweet pineapple, which gives a pleasant tropical and citrusy taste. This sweet tropical flavor lingers on your tongue, and it helps enhance your high.

Where Does Maui Wowie Grow?

Maui Wowie loves the tropical climate, which is not a surprise considering its place of origin. So, if you are looking to grow this Sativa strain outdoors, you might need to plant it in an area with plenty of sunshine. But, if you don’t live in a warm and tropical climate, you also can grow this Sativa strain indoors. This bud is impressively high resilient to different diseases, and it can adapt pretty well depending on its environment.

Popularly Asked Questions about Maui Wowie

Some of the questions we often get about Maui Wowie include:

What is the Difference Between Sativa and Maui Wowie?

First, it’s important to note that Maui Wowie is a strain of Sativa that leaves your mind in a euphoric or sedated state while the body gains an extra boost of energy. The boost of energy that Maui Wowie provides is what makes a massive difference between the Indica and Sativa portions present in the strain. Unlike Sativa, Maui Wowie is made up of 20% Indica and 80% Sativa.

What Benefits does Maui Wowie Offer?

Like most cannabis strains, Maui Wowie does offer several benefits. Maui Wowie is primarily known for its therapeutic benefits. The effects of this strain Sativa can help patients with depression or anxiety issues acquire relief. It can also work pretty effectively with PTSD, mental health issues, and ADHD cases. People who struggle with fatigue symptoms can also find a solution in the use of Maui Wowie.

Does Maui Wowie Have Side Effects?

Yes, Maui Wowie does have side effects, which is why you are generally advised to use it during the daytime. One of the most common effects is that users tend to experience a boost in appetite and increased artistic inspiration for house cleaning activities. You can also experience dry eyes and cottonmouth. Some of the less common adverse effects of Maui Wowie include mild paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety. However, these effects tend to be quite rare, and the users who don’t overindulge may not experience the side effects.

It’s no secret that Maui Wowie is an old-school strain whose quality hasn’t changed over the years. And with its diverse effects, this cannabis strain has helped make ground-breaking strides in the cannabis industry.