When you are taking any type of medicine such as Modalert 200 mg for curing narcolepsy and it works as a wakeful agent you don’t want to suffer from contraindications of another surgery or medicine.

In this article, we will find out whether there is any interaction between local anesthesia and antiepileptic medicines.

But to first understand this we should look at focusing on gathering some useful information about both the things that is local anesthesia and antiepileptic pills and what is epilepsy.

Understanding the basics of local anesthesia

With the advancement of medical science, various types of surgeries can now be performed when you are awake. Local anesthesia is the process of injecting a substance that causes numbness in one area of the body where the surgery has to be performed.

Most operations like skip biopsy, repairing fractures, and deep cuts can be done using local anesthesia. By using local anesthesia you may feel some pressure and of course, you will remain awake and alert but there will be no pain sensation on the area that is being treated.

Local anesthetics can be used for performing various types of surgeries. They are especially beneficial because they have a smaller recovery time. Also, the effects and the vigorous nature of the side effects of using local anesthesia are very rare.

Understanding the basics of epilepsy and antiepileptic medicines

A disorder in the central nervous system epilepsy is categorized as a neurological disorder and a sudden dysfunction of the normal brain activities that may cause seizures, unusual behavior, and loss of awareness. It is a genetic disorder that may occur due to a brain injury that is trauma or stroke.

You can use antiepileptic pills to prevent seizures from occurring. The antiepileptic pills prevent the GABA receptors from working and thus they can be essential for preventing an epileptic attack.

Can antiepileptic medicines interact with local anesthesia?

On checking out the pharmacokinetics of local anesthesia and antiepileptic pills it has been found that while some anesthesia agents might interact with antiepileptic pills some do not.

Local anesthesia is injected directly into the blood and doctors and scientists after doing numerous researches and that it can indeed show some tendencies to react with the antiepileptic pills. The most common symptoms are sedation and analgesia.

Sometimes patients may suffer from convulsions. Remember that each of such side effects can be experienced in mild, moderate, and severe forms.

Another huge risk as doctors say is the risk of high blood pressure. Sometimes your blood pressure may shoot up due to the use of antiepileptic pills along with local anesthesia. IV which is a common form of local anesthesia has shown to undergo rapid systematic absorption rates.

I.V. Lidocaine is a common antiepileptic medicine used for curing epilepsy in smaller children. The numerous research done in this category does not give any clear or specific indication on whether there are any chances of suffering from contraindications when used alongside local anesthesia.

But one thing is for sure that the I.V. Lidocaine has got a good chance of strong efficacy.

Mind you that they can also increase the side effect and contraindicate vigorously with sleep disorder pills such as Modvigil 200.

Within the list of I.V. Lidocaine group of local anesthetics, ketamine is an agent that showed inhibited some of the local anesthesia.

While a specific bunch of local anesthetics called the volatile anesthetics has shown more inhibitory nature to the working of the antiepileptic pills.

What can be the usual side effects of taking both antiepileptic medicines and local anesthesia at once?

First of all, we would like to recommend you on getting consultation advice from your doctor on how you can remain fit. As you can see from above that there seem to be some significant interactive tendencies of a few select groups of antiepileptic medicines along with local anesthesia. The side effects can be critical sometimes and the same has to be reported to the doctor as soon as possible.

All the side effects that you may suffer from are given below but make sure to understand the fact that not all types of side effects will crop up in anyone. Sometimes you may suffer from selective categories of pills only after taking antiepileptic medicines.

Side effects-

· Nausea

· Abdominal pain

· Dizziness

· Sleepiness

· Irritability

· Anxiety

· Mood changes

· Difficulty in concentrating

· Sleepiness

· Drowsiness

· Double vision

· Vomiting

· Tremors

Some of the more violent and rarely occurring side effects may include rashes, blood problems, liver problems, kidney problems, some behavior disturbance,

General considerations

Before you start taking the antiepileptic pills

Before you start taking the antiepileptic medicines you will have to consult the doctor without fail. Any previous concerns and cases of contraindications or dent in your previous medical histories such as chest pain, difficulty breathing or mild stroke, or heart attack instance have to be highlighted upon.

Also, answer any of the questions that your doctor keeps asking you. People who are also suffering from a severe rash, high and sudden blood pressure fall, liver and kidney disorders should speak with the doctor on finding the right dose for them.

Other medicines

It is not just the contraindication relationship among antiepileptic pills and local anesthesia that matters. For getting to know the best advice and suggestions you will have to speak with the doctor and try to carry all your existing medicines like Modafresh 200 and others.

Allow your doctor to check out the composition of each of the pills and then let them figure out which type of local anesthesia would have the least amount of concerning side effects and contraindications.

Monitoring the effects and noting the side effects

Even when you are using antiepileptic medicines with local anesthesia you should be careful of monitoring the daily doses. You have to remain highly alert and careful while administering your daily dose. You will have to check out on the slightest hint of any side effect cropping up and minutely check out their intensities and confirm the same to the doctor as early as possible.