Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that leaves men with erection difficulties. ED can vary in degree of impairment. Some men might achieve an erection, but it may not last long enough to engage in sexual intercourse, whereas for other men it might not get erect at all. ED is a reasonably common issue among men all over the world, and although it is associated with age, it can occur at any age due to a range of causes, from underlying health conditions all the way to genetic predisposition.

Causes of ED   

ED is only diagnosed by health professionals when their patients complain about consistent problems in trouble getting an erection, trouble keeping an erection and reduced sexual desire. Of course, we all have problems once in a while, but it may cause concern if you see these problems frequently or each time you engage in sexual intercourse.

A number of reasons can cause ED. The most prevalent one is underlying chronic health conditions. Most people who have ED also suffer from cardiovascular disease or diabetes. These diseases severely compromise the quality of blood flow all over the body. Decreased blood flow means that insufficient blood can flow to the penis for healthy erections.

Mental health problems like anxiety and depression have long been known to cause ED. There are also mental health issues that stem from ED itself and it can become a vicious cycle this way. Low self-esteem and stress from having ED can worsen the condition.

Lifestyle choices can cause ED as well. For example, overconsumption of alcohol or excessive smoking can impact the health in ways that ED can occur.

These aforementioned causes are the most common one’s, but there are more. One potential cause is genetic, and it’s drawing ever more research. 

As medical technology has progressed, we now know more about ED than ever before. The processes that help men get erect involve multiple bodily systems, such as hormones, nerves, circulatory system. An issue in any of these can lead to ED, and different factors can cause it, possibly even genetic. 

Is it genetic?

Certain illnesses and disorders that may be passed down from parent to child can cause ED, but the condition itself isn’t genetic in such cases. Medical conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis are examples of health conditions passed down in the parents’ genetic material. But doctors have also noticed that many men with chronic health conditions do not suffer from ED, and just like that, people with minimum diabetes have gotten severe ED. This all points towards a genetic predisposition.  

Now scientists have begun to check if there could be a direct genetic cause. In twin studies of middle-aged men, researchers have uncovered that about one-third of ED risk is heritable—meaning that there is a genetic component(s), but specific genetic variants have not been identified in this study. Nevertheless, this study has provided scientists with a lot more insight into the genetic linkage of ED.

In another study, researchers conducted a genome-wide association (GWA) study of erectile dysfunction in a racially diverse sample of 36,649 men. GWA studies can be used to search for rare or common susceptibility genes in large groups of individuals. The researchers found that DNA sequence variations near the SIM1 gene are significantly associated with an approximate 26 % increased risk of ED.

Based on these new findings, it is fair to say that a possible genetic link does indeed exist.


If you have ED, the good news is that there are many treatments. Medications are the most common, and they may be the first to draw your attention, specifically variants of generic viagra and cheap sildenafil. But, for the best medication, you need to see a doctor and get a prescription that best suits your specific condition. You may have to take Viagra (Branded or Generic Sildenafil), Sildenafil (Generic Viagra), Spedra, Tadalfil, Generic Cialis, or Levitra.

Some medication can also be directly injected into the penis using an injection, which results in stronger and longer-lasting injections. Penis pumps have also become a popular treatment option for ED. It creates a vacuum to make the blood flow into the penis.

As more research is done into the genetic linkage of ED, more treatment options will become available as well, like targeting specific genes to improve the quality of erections. But, until then, you can choose from many other options.