Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility in Love

1. The Taurus man, being a fixed sign, is not the most spontaneous of men. He prefers to play it safe when it comes to romance, for he knows that there are few things more permanent than love. They are very slow at falling in love with someone because they tend to be very judgmental people. Because of this, their ideal match would have to be someone who does not intimidate them or make them feel insecure about themselves. A woman who makes herself stand out from the crowd will immediately interest him even if she was trying hard not to show her interest in him.

-The Cancer woman is one sentimental lady who carries around her heart wherever she goes! Perhaps because she has so many memories with her, she is always reminiscing and looking back on things. She hates to live in the past, but it comes rather naturally for her because she focuses so much on the past when she looks at someone. As a result, this woman tends to fall in love very quickly with almost anyone who shows some interest in her or makes an effort to get close to her.

-This pairing will be a match made in heaven if they can manage to work out their differences and embrace each other’s idiosyncrasies! The Taurus man loves security and comfort while the Cancer woman lives for making people feel secure and comfortable around them. They make good business partners too because of this shared drive for success! In both personal and professional lives, they tend to get along pretty well right from the start of their relationship.

-Sexually, this pairing is fun to be with! There are no inhibitions here because the Cancer woman loves her privacy while the Taurus man does not tend to interfere in that privacy unless there is a need for him to do so. The only problem would be that the Taurus man tends to get complacent in relationships after he has achieved emotional security whereas the Cancer woman thrives on emotions and intimacy throughout her courtship period. This means that she may have trouble keeping him satisfied sexually while emotionally detached at the same time.

-The key to making this work out well is for them to learn how to cultivate a sense of independence from one another. They have to learn how they can function as individuals before they can work as a couple, and this makes perfect sense because the Cancer woman is so attached to her memories while the Taurus man’s memory is all about material things! For them to allow themselves to become emotionally invested in each other, they both need to start treating each other as individuals who have separate lives.

They might have a great relationship in the future. But, don’t rush it to happen right away! Love compatibility is complicated by several factors. They may sometimes feel like they belong together because both are earth signs, but there’s more to love compatibility than that! Not to mention, a mere element similarity doesn’t tell much about what happens when you get into an actual relationship with another person.