In most apartments, a fire extinguisher is no longer mandatory. But that does not mean that a fire extinguisher in your own home cannot be useful and useful. However, regular maintenance and inspection must then be carried out by a specialist.

Choose the installation location wisely

If a fire extinguisher is to be installed in the apartment, the location must be chosen carefully. In many cellars, old fire extinguishers are still dusting away. These devices have often not been checked for decades and probably have serious malfunctions in an emergency.

To prevent a new fire extinguisher from experiencing the same problem, it should be installed in the hallway, for example, in a freely accessible manner. With a small incipient fire, nobody will look for a fire extinguisher in the basement. 

Kitchen with special equipment

In the kitchen, a normal fire extinguisher that is filled with powder or foam will do even greater damage, because most of the fires in the kitchen are caused by burning oil or fat. This can only be fought with a special grease fire extinguisher. In addition, only the fire blanket is a possibility for a grease fire.

Permanent pressure extinguisher or charging extinguisher 

In the continuous pressure extinguisher, the propellant and extinguishing agents are constantly mixed together. This enables a fire extinguisher to be triggered more quickly in an emergency. Since the propellant gas is stored in a separate container in a charging extinguisher, it is significantly heavier and requires a short moment after being triggered before it is ready for use. But it is also easier and cheaper to check. Both versions should do this after two years.

Decision support 

A little decision-making aid for the purchase of a fire extinguisher can give the following questions: 

  • Where should the fire extinguisher be hung? 
  • Which extinguishing agent should it contain? 
  • Permanent pressure extinguisher or charging extinguisher? 
  • Strength and age of users?


In any case, the strategic distribution of fire extinguishers is important. In an emergency, a device is quickly on-site. Since not everyone can deal with a large fire extinguisher anyway, it is better to install several small hand-held fire extinguishers. This is important for the kitchen anyway because a special extinguisher should be attached here.

Fire extinguishers in the household – what should you watch out for?

Many have a slightly bad conscience wondering whether they actually need a fire extinguisher in their own household. Others still have a fire extinguisher somewhere in the basement, which is itself a risk to health thanks to a thick layer of dust. Here we clarify the question of whether you need a fire extinguisher in your household.

The sense and nonsense of a fire extinguisher

In the vast majority of cases, people do not die from the fire itself, but from the toxic combustion gases. Since the fire and therefore the gas development usually break out at night, these people die in their sleep.

Heating form and fire extinguisher

In the past, a fire extinguisher was mandatory for oil heating in many states, which had to be installed nearby. This had to be maintained and refilled at regular intervals. This obligation has mostly been eliminated.

Smoke detectors are often mandatory

Since the situation today should provide more protection for sleeping people, a smoke alarm is a more important device in a private household. Most federal states have also recognized this and have therefore prescribed smoke alarms in the bedrooms.

Practical measures in a nutshell

Large technology does not always have to be used. Especially on the terrace or in the garden, a simple bucket of sand can be a good solution for a small fire. Inside, residents should always call the fire department immediately.

  • smoke detector
  • Fire blanket
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Bucket of sand
  • Fire alarm systems for residential complexes


A smoke detector in the kitchen is rather annoying. A fire blanket should be available here. The fire blanket has a decisive advantage over a fire extinguisher because it requires no maintenance. It only has to be freely accessible and properly folded.

Just like the fire extinguisher, it must be disposed of after one use. But you can get the fire blanket for kitchen use for less than twenty euros each.