Due to the photo-heavy nature of the social platform, Instagram and event photography go hand in hand. Instagram is a great platform for photographers to share their event photography, but does this mean that social media has affected the discipline of event photography?

Does social media have an effect on event photography?

With social media dominating the world of photo sharing it makes sense that we ask questions such as “How have apps and social media changed the way we share photos?” And “Is social media destroying the art of photography?”

It is undeniable that social media platforms such as Instagram have had an effect on event photography – and the truth is that social media can both help and pose challenges to it.

How can social media help event photography?

Instagram’s impact on event photography can be a positive one; social media can help event photographers find their feet in the industry and provide inspiration to those that have been in the industry for some time.

A good gateway into the industry

Instagram as a social media site grants anybody a platform should they wish to use it. For an event photographer just starting out, this makes Instagram a great gateway into the industry. As a beginner event photographer, you also have the opportunity to follow many professionals in the industry and gain many helpful tips and tricks. You might even be able to use social media to connect with professionals already big in the event photography industry and learn from them first-hand.

Can be great for exposure

Similar to Instagram being a good place for event photography newbies to get their foot in the door, it is also a great tool for all event photographers to get their work seen and noticed – regardless of their experience levels.

An event photographer’s Instagram account is a great form of portfolio as it can be used to store and display their work. You have the opportunity, through social media sites like Instagram, to put all your work in one accessible place and display this with a creative flair that is attractive to potential clients. Due to the interactive nature of social media, your event photography may even be seen by potential clients casually, without even having to physically seek out your event photography services.


Gain creative inspiration

Although it can sometimes be more of a search these days as sites like Instagram become more saturated, social media is brimming with creative inspiration. Instagram is home to many thousands of pages of artists’ work, as well as page upon page of photographers’ finest creations. No matter whether your creative pursuit is fine art or event photography, if you have an Instagram feed bustling with art you are bound to find inspiration somewhere whilst scrolling!

Easy way to interact with clients

A common thing to forget with image-heavy platforms such as Instagram is the social aspect of social media. Your clients, and others, can use the like and comment features to interact with your event photography and give you feedback about the styles of event photography that are to their tastes. The real social value of Instagram comes from the direct messaging facilities. Potential clients can reach out to you with a DM request about your photography or ask any questions that they might have. This system of informal queries is a great way to build rapport and a good relationship with your clients – old and new.

What are the challenges posed by social media to event photography?

However, the impact of Instagram on event photography services can sometimes pose challenges that need to be overcome.

Can become obsessed with likes and/or retweets

It can become very easy when you post your work to a platform to become obsessed with how well it is doing in terms of the number of likes and shares. This can be counterproductive because an event photographer’s worth and the quality of their event photos cannot be wholly contained within social media interactions.

Harder to get your work seen

With the volume of Instagram posts that are made every day it can be challenging to get your work seen if you are trying to promote it on your page. Instagram is saturated with event photos taken casually by event industry workers that do not specialise in event photography, meaning that there are low-quality images mixed in amongst professional images taken by professional event photographers. If potential clients are looking through a hashtag, such as #eventphotography, then it can be harder for them to find your work amongst so many posts of a similar nature. However, there are fortunately many ways you can get around this, so you can still use Instagram as a portfolio tool for your work.

Event photographs have to be multi-purpose

The prevalence of social media in our lives, and the rise in social media marketing specifically, means that event photographers often have to capture their event photos with Instagram in mind. Clients heavily request that their event photos should be appropriate for physical marketing purposes and social media together. This need not be a negative consequence of documenting event photography on social media, however, it does involve some additional thought when taking professional event photographs for your clients. You should keep in mind the type of photos your client is going to want to display casually on their Instagram feed, and more formally on physical marketing materials such as brochures. 

Clients might prefer a more casual social media presence

Instagram is often taken over by a trend of more ‘casual’ posting, and this has even extended to businesses. This means that clients that might ordinarily have booked professional event photographers are opting to take these photos themselves to match this more candid aesthetic. Yet by doing this, businesses are missing the knowledge and expertise of what makes a good photo, that they would have gained if they opted for a professional.

Hopefully, this article has taken you through the intricate relationship between Instagram and event photography. Social media platforms have influenced how we take and share event photos, providing both a positive influence and posing challenges to event photography.

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