If you are interested in real estate, you will want to engage the services of an estate agent.  This is a company that employs individuals who are trained and skilled at working with both residential and commercial properties including buying, selling, and letting.  Using these professionals will help you secure the best deal for your needs.  If you have never worked with an estate agent in Acton before, here are some of the tasks you can expect them to handle for you.


With access to Land Registry information, they will be able to identify similar properties in the region you are interested in.  From that data, combined with their knowledge of the local property and the real estate market in general, they will be able to establish a reasonable value for the property.  While you may be able to access the Land Registry database on your own, with an estate agent you have the added advantage of experience working in the field.


If your goal is to sell your home or commercial property, the estate agent will be able to create the best descriptors that will allow potential buyers or renters to understand what you are offering.  Adding photos and videos will help drive in-person viewings.  The estate agents have done this over and over and have the capabilities to accurately but favorably display the building.

They also have the experience to know which websites to use that will attract buyers who are specifically interested in your real estate.  This will enhance your opportunities for a quick sale at the asking price or better.


The estate agent will conduct any viewings of your property.  This will provide more flexibility for the potential buyers and leave your time free.  They can man an open house that will allow any number of people to see what you have to offer.  The agent is available for questions that the shoppers may feel uncomfortable asking the current owner.

Using their experience, the estate agents have a good sense of who is serious about purchasing your property or is qualified to rent the space.  They will, in turn, offer their opinions so that you can make the best decision for the buyer or the qualifications of the people who are interested in your letting.


The estate agent is tasked with handling all of the details.  This can include potential negotiations or offers.  Once you have accepted an offer for the sale or have decided that the renters will be a good risk for your property, the agent will prepare the necessary paperwork together with a solicitor and set a date for the conclusion of the deal.  They are available for all of the critical points of the operation.

As you can tell, an estate agent has a very complex and necessary part of any sale or letting of your property.  Choosing the correct estate agent for your needs is important and can result in your negotiating and finalizing the best deal for your property.