With changing lifestyles and recognition of various relationship values, unique family concepts in Australia are not uncommon.

There are various types and structures of households in Australia, such as families with or without children, heterosexual and same sex nuclear families, single parents living with or without children, blended families, same sex, intersex or heterosexual married couples same-sex, intersex and heterosexual de facto couples, couples that have separated or are separating and are working through property and children disputes, couples seeking divorce, and single people.

In addition, other family structures include children conceived through IVF technology, born through surrogacy, or adopted from foster care or from overseas. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that family legal issues can quickly become complicated and arouse strong emotion. In fact, family law disputes and settlements area among the most common areas of legal disputes and settlements in Australia.  They effect both partners and their children, especially where the disputes become vindictive or where one party seeks to dominate the other.

You need to hire experienced Family Lawyers Sydney to deal with these family law issues and achieve the best outcome.

If you are currently caught up in a family law dispute or separation including divorce, orders relating to where children will live and access to the children by other parent, child support, or oreders relating to the division of matrimonial property, seeking professional representation and advice from experienced lawyers is strongly recommended. 

They will help you manoeuvre through the sharp turns that might arise during your legal case and make things simplified for you during the entire court proceedings.

What does a family lawyer do?

Family lawyers are legal experts and practitioners who specialize in providing legal assistance involving family relationships.

They can help you with several family-related legal matters such as adoption, divorce settlements, children’s matters, domestic violence, property disputes, adoption, guardianship, and many more matters that require legal attention.

Family lawyers from the best law firms in Australia don’t just help with consultation and representing clients in family court proceedings, but can also assist you with drafting proper and accurate legal documents, such as purchase property agreements, wills, divorce settlement clauses, and court petitions.

5 Reasons to hire a family lawyer

Family lawyers help and guide you to make the correct decision for all family matters concerning legal attention. The most common circumstances that demand the presence of a family lawyer include the following:

1. Divorce

While it isn’t mandatory to hire the assistance of a legal expert in divorce proceedings experienced divorce lawyers in Sydney can help you make the divorce process easier and more efficient.

Hiring legal experts becomes a necessity when children and significant assets are involved in legal proceedings. Specifically, it is necessary to consult a legal expert when there are children and/or considerable assets involved in order to avoid undesirable outcomes such as exorbitant spousal maintenance demands and unfair orders relating to access to children.

In addition, legal experts will explain the legal divorce process and guide you through it, providing you with the essential support to reach the best outcome. Additionally, if you hire a legal professional, you will not need to devote extra time to completing legal formalities with your case.

The best family lawyers in Sydney can assist their clients with a fair division of property, calculating accurate spousal support for alimony, and proposing a fair plan for child custody and support.

2. Parenting Orders and Child Support

While the processes of divorce and separation are not easy for the couples involved in the relationship, they are even tougher for the children involved. Moreover, parenting orders is one of the main components of family law proceedings where there are children living with one or both of the parents

Couples should agree to reasonable and fair parenting or care agreements for the child until they reach the legal age to make their own decisions.

Lawyers from the best law firms in Australia can also assist you in drafting parenting agreements and amending the agreement clause when it is required. For instance, this can be relevant when the financial position of a parent changes whether that parent lives with the children or not, or where  one of the parents dies..

3. Adoption Cases

Many couples in Australia are opting for adoption. Although adoption is a beautiful way to bring a new member into the family, the process can be long and complicated.

The adoption rules and regulations can differ depending on the type of adoption, where the adopted child is from, variances in state or province laws and, several other factors. A family lawyer with relevant expertise can provide the required assistance to make the entire process easier


4. Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract signed by a couple before entering into wedlock, marriage, or a civil union. In addition, the terms of a prenuptial agreement vary from case to case.

The fundamental aim of a prenuptial agreement is to outline the provisions and terms of spousal support and property division in the unfortunate event of divorce and separation.

Experienced family lawyers from Sydney can assist couples in creating such legally binding agreements and manage any matters in the correct legal way that may arise from the contract.

5. Apprehended Violence Orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is necessary to seek professional legal assistance. All states of Australia take domestic violence and family misconduct very seriously.

If you or your child are in any physical danger of being harmed by your spouse or family members related to your spouse, an experienced family lawyer will assist you in applying for violence restraining orders.

Domestic violence cases are time-sensitive. Consulting with the best AVO and family lawyers in Sydney can help initiate swift proceedings with VRO applications and move your case quickly.

A legal expert can help you with the following steps:

  • Preparing relevant legal documents for AVO applications
  • Build your case and help you prepare for court hearings
  • Objecting to a restraining order in case you’re a victim of unfair allegations.

Wrapping It Up

Legal family matters can get highly complex if they are not addressed properly. Family law plays a vital role to play in resolving family issues with complex legal involvement.

When resolving legal issues, it is best to consult a legal expert from one of the best law firms Australia and get the optimal outcome for intricate family situations such as divorce, separation, and property management.