Unfortunately, there are millions of car accidents in the US every year. Although most of them don’t result in a serious injury, it’s always traumatic to be involved in a crash. If you’ve been injured or your car has been damaged because someone else behaved negligently on the road, you should contact a car accident lawyer in Wyoming. They can help you communicate with the insurance companies and get the compensation you need to move on.

Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Wyoming After a Minor Accident? 

While most of the incidents on the road are minor, car accidents that involve significant damage aren’t uncommon in the United States. In fact, 4.8 million vehicles were involved in an incident that resulted in damage in 2019. If you were involved in an accident, getting in touch with a good car accident attorney is almost always recommended.

Not only can your lawyer help you get the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and move on from what happened, but they can also negotiate with the other parties’ insurance companies. That way, you don’t risk making a mistake that could damage your case.

Hidden Injuries

In Wyoming, you must notify the police of any accident that involves injury, death, or apparent damage of more than $1,000. But sometimes, it’s not immediately clear whether you were injured or not. After an accident, your body is filled with adrenaline, and you might not notice that you were hurt until the next morning or a few days later.

If you’re able to, you should obtain the other drivers’ insurance information at the site of the accident and take pictures of the damage. Once you’re home and have recovered from the first shock, you can contact a local car accident attorney and speak to them about your case. They can work with you to obtain compensation for injuries such as whiplash, damage to your spine, or a traumatic brain injury.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Approximately 87% of US drivers currently have insurance, so it’s likely that you will have to deal with an insurance company. After your accident, the insurance adjusters might call you up and ask you questions about your accident. It’s important to remember that their job is to keep their company’s costs as low as possible. Thus, you should be careful about what you say to them since your statements could be used against you.

The best way to deal with an insurance company is to get your lawyer involved. An experienced attorney can help you avoid mistakes that could damage your case, such as admitting that you were partly at fault. What’s more, they can review any settlement offers you receive and determine whether they are too low. In most cases, the insurance agencies initially don’t offer you fair compensation, and your attorney can ask for a larger amount on your behalf.

Finding Evidence 

4.4 million people get injured in car accidents each year. While some of them are responsible for their own injuries, for example, if they were drunk while driving or didn’t respect the local traffic rules, many were harmed because of someone else’s negligence. If you’re in this situation, you need to find evidence that the accident was another driver’s fault.

A lawyer can help you compile the necessary proof, and they have the knowledge and experience to lay out your case in a convincing way. They might ask you to bring any photo or video evidence you already have, your medical bills, and a statement from your doctor. What’s more, an attorney knows how to find the best expert witnesses who can support your case and prove to the judge that your injuries are negatively affecting your life.

Getting the Compensation You Need

Even if you initially believe that your injuries are minor, it can take a long time for them to heal. For instance, most patients with whiplash recover within 2-3 months, but some experience chronic pain, stiffness, dizziness, and ringing in the ears for six months or more. Many people who decide not to hire a lawyer don’t consider this factor and end up with a lower level of compensation than they deserve.  

Together with your medical team and your attorney, you can estimate your future medical bills. What’s more, your car accident lawyer in Wyoming will calculate the amount of money you lost due to absences at work. This, and the emotional trauma you are suffering as a result of the accident, could increase the settlement amount you receive.

After a car accident, you should always call a lawyer and book an initial consultation. A highly experienced attorney local to Wyoming can review your situation and figure out whether you’re owed any compensation by the responsible party. What’s more, they can speak to the insurance companies for you and make sure you’re not accepting a settlement that’s too low.