Long bob with bangs long bob

Often, owners of long hair who grow it for a long time and sometimes only change the ends of the strands decide to change their image to However, not everyone dares to cut their hair. How can a “boy” be in a situation like this when you need to change something? But is it scary to do it too harshly? A very famous and popular bob haircut will come to the rescue, namely the long version. She will help you style your hair beautifully and show others their beauty. For watching pictures of bob hairstyles simple click on this highlighted link and read the entire article for further ideas.

Long bob option

There are many options for creating long bob hairstyles and this is what makes it so popular. All types of silhouettes, shapes and models allow you to choose a haircut that is unique in each case. The most popular bean styles are: straight – suitable for both women and girls with thick, thick and thin hair, a straight bob masks the cheekbones, nose and chin, softens the eyes and softens the cheeks. Therefore, this haircut option is suitable for women with wide faces, angular cheekbones and not very expressive eyes. Plus, straight bob haircuts for long hair look great on both blondes and blondes and reds.

Asymmetrical – A noticeable and bold transformation of plain long hair. Lines of different lengths on the right and left immediately attract the attention of others, perfectly hiding any flaws or features of appearance. Asymmetry options can vary from subtle to noticeable and sharp. An example of a sharp asymmetry is a difference of more than 15 cm – on one side the hair barely reaches the earlobe, and on the other, the hair falls below shoulder level.

With long bangs – when choosing this haircut option, you should be guided by the type of face. Therefore, for girls with an almost perfect oval face shape, thick straight bangs are best suited, emphasizing the elegance of the existing appearance. It will perfectly emphasize the lips and eyes. If there are appearances such as a big nose, broad cheeks, a very high forehead, a torn or oblique bangs would be the best choice.

Long bob cut is suitable for any face shape, so it is recognized by hairdressers as a universal hairstyle. The straight strands of the long bob and the curved cut along the bottom edge of the perfectly straight strands give the silhouette a feminine and sophisticated look.

Haircut features

Oftentimes, naturally gifted people with faces that are too thin or too large are reluctant to use a bob hairstyle to create a stylish look. However, modern techniques for creating this hairstyle using asymmetry make it possible to decorate and transform even the most “complex” and unusual faces.

The basic principles for creating bob hairstyles for long hair include:

· Use a straight line

· The appearance of parting

· Slightly shortening of the back line compared to the front

· The ends of the tresses are slightly curved inward, so the bob’s silhouette looks oval.

The silhouette of the hairstyle is complemented by exciting volume, which allows creating a new, more interesting model of the oval face.

For example, a round face can be made thinner by creating volume in the crown area, an oval and too long face can become lush and more harmonious by creating volume at the cheekbones.

However, the bob also has a “iron” rule, which should not be violated under any circumstances – a very long bob is suitable for tall and slender girls. But do not be upset, as there are many options for this hairstyle and its elements, so you can always find “your” bob.

Laying method

· To make the hairstyle perfectly styled, stylists have developed and tested many styling methods:

· To style your hair as quickly as possible, you need to comb it backwards and curl the ends with a round comb and a hair dryer.

· If a hair dryer is not at hand, you need a styling mousse. Apply a small amount of the product to the hair in the root area and distribute it evenly over the head, lifting it up at the roots.

· If you have a curling iron, you can use it and style your hair, divide it into small strands and lift it up at the roots. It is better to wind the threads perpendicular to the head. At the end, the installation, by any means, must be sprinkled with varnish to fix the shape.