The question of whether plastic cases damage the iPhone XR is one of the most curious questions of smartphone users. It is thought that some cases, especially those made of hard plastic; shorten the life of the phones. In addition, experts in this field warn about some non-original cheap iPhone XR cases.

Experts at NEW CASE also draw attention to the preferred case models for smartphones. Accordingly, we researched the cover suggestions compiled by the experts for you and wanted to put them in our article.

Do Plastic Cases Really Cause Damage to an iPhone?

The answer to the question of whether plastic cases will damage the iPhone XR is an answer that experts should evaluate. Accordingly, studies conducted by some experts have stated that hard cases damage the iPhone XR. This inevitably brings to mind the question of whether an iPhone XR case should be used.

In fact, it is more beneficial to use silicone case models instead of hard plastic cases. In this way, both damage to the smartphone and overheating are prevented. The concerns of whether the case heats up the iPhone XR are also eliminated, thanks to the silicone cases.

Pay Attention to the Use of Covers in summer

It would be correct to answer the question of whether hard plastic cases damage the phone according to the season in which the cases are used. Plastic cases are products that cause phones to get very hot in a short time. Experts have stated that this type of heat is not preferred, especially in the summer.

Hard cases cause fast-heating phones to explode, which endangers human life. Especially in the summer months of the last period, the main reason for the smartphone explosion cases is seen as cheap and hard cases.

You can choose soft and silicone models when choosing an iPhone XR case. Apart from this, you can try to use your phone without a case in very hot climates. It would be best if you also were careful not to have phones connected to the charger and covered with a case.

You can also get more comprehensive information about this subject from the expert teams that provide service within the body of New Case. The company will give you the necessary information about the use of both original and healthy covers.

Where to get good iPhone cases

The fetch for an iPhone XR case that won’t cause any damage to your device is always challenging. Especially when you are limited to the budget, you must be keen on how you shop for your case. Since you do not want your lack of resources to hinder you from getting a quality iPhone XR case, you should shop at a reputable iPhone case store.

However, getting a reputable iPhone XR case store is also not easy, which is why we have assisted you in researching an iPhone XR case store near me. We recommend you shop at the NEW CASE store for your quality iPhone case at a reasonable price without having to break your bank.


There are other iPhone XR cases that damage your device even without being a plastic case. This is why you must be extra cautious in selecting a brand new case for your mobile. Also, while shopping at a reputable shop like the NEW CASE store, you get to seek the advice of experts to avoid damaging your iPhone XR.

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