The health of the liver can be affected if pain medication is not used properly. We often forget that strong pain medications can cause problems in our bodies, such as joint or headache pain. How can you protect yourself from liver disease in a country where nearly 2/3 of the population seeks pharmacological help in the fight against suffering? We recommend!

The liver’s effects of painkillers

The liver is responsible for most drugs’ metabolism, including painkillers such as pregabalin tablet. However, excess or certain substances in these drugs may cause toxic effects on the liver. This is not just for prescription drugs, but also for widely-available herbal remedies and preparations. At greatest risk are people over 50, obese women and people with liver disease or kidney impairment.

How can an incorrect use of medication lead to

Drug-induced liver damage can be asymptomatic. It may increase the activity or form of liver enzymes. The worst case scenario may involve the patient complaining of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. This could lead to liver failure that will require a transplant.

Cholestasis, which is the obstruction of the flow of bile, may also be associated to hepatitis. There may be jaundice, itching and tenderness of the liver, as well as pain in the subcostal region.

What drugs can harm the liver

We sometimes reach for them like candy because of their ease and effectiveness. Paracetamol, a popular painkiller, can cause liver damage. In some cases, you may need to double or triple the recommended dose. To avoid any unpleasant side effects, let’s first look at drug interactions.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can also cause liver disease, as can statins that lower cholesterol, anti-depressants, anti-depressants, and oral contraceptives.

How do I prevent drug-induced liver damage from happening?

Let your doctor know about any regular medications you take to avoid possible interactions before starting the treatment. How can we protect our livers?

  • The recommended dosage for the pregabalinUk drug is the same as the one prescribed by your doctor.
  • We support the liver with detoxifying and building preparations when taking powerful medications that could cause liver damage.
  • Let’s make sure that we limit animal fats as well as simple carbohydrates.
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy vegetable oils.
  • Also, the doctor might order liver tests to determine the condition of the organ. This is especially important in cases of chronic medication that can harm the liver.

Liver regeneration

Supplements and other over-the-counter medication can also help the liver regenerate. Products with phospholipids that rebuild the liver are most popular, such as Essentiale Forte and Esseliv 14. It is also worth noting some herbs

We should consult a doctor before we start supplementation or treatment for pregabalinuk addiction. This will help us determine if the therapy is appropriate and if it can solve our problem.


Even if an addict is able to overcome their drug addiction on a physical level it can be very difficult to conquer psychological addiction. The risk of relapse after tramadol use lasts 10-15 years. It is recommended that you only take prescribed painkillers such as pregabalin tablets or other addictive drugs for a brief period of time and under strict supervision.