Many people in this world are not born with long lashes. A survey in the USA shows that 3 out of 4 people think their lashes length is inadequate. Wearing falsies or lash extensions is a fuss and requires special money and time. So, eyelash growth serum came into existence to sort out this matter. They are designed to make your lashes longer, fuller, darker, and thicker in order to give your lashes a no-makeup look.

Many people ask the question of whether eyelash growth serums work. So here we are, answering this question. Yes, the eyelash growth serums do work. The formula of the lash serum is lightweight and promotes fuller and healthy lashes. They deeply penetrate the eyelashes to boost their volume. When it goes into the roots of eyelashes, it improves the telogen phase to boost the lashes. In addition, the eyelash growth serum provides moisture balance and deep hydration to the eyelashes.

You can expect the result of any product after just one night. However, each product requires some time to show its impact; the same is true with eyelash growth serum. The eyelash growth serum requires some time to show its effects, which is 3-6 weeks. Furthermore, each person has a different hair growth cycle. Some people may achieve its result very quickly, and others achieve their results after waiting for weeks. So, you should be consistent when using eyelash growth serum, and one thing is sure here: YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS.

Many people think eyelash growth serum is unsafe to use, but they are wrong. Lash serum only contains hair growth ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, fatty acid, amino acid, and other lash-loving ingredients to volumize the eyelashes. The eyelash growth serums are not only designed for eyelashes but can also be used on eyebrows. It provides hair growth ingredients to the eyebrows to make them grow.

Features of eyelash growth serum:

Eyelash growth serum is gaining popularity in the eye-makeup world because of the unique features that it provides to eyelashes. These features are not only restricted to eyelashes but can also be applied to eyebrows as well.

  1. Provide the eyelashes with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, collagen, and other nutrients.
  2. Lash growth serum creates new roots in the eyelashes and eyebrows
  3. Boost the lashes production.
  4. Provide a moisture balance to eyelashes and eyebrows to rejuvenate them.
  5. It protects the eyelashes from breakage.
  6. It makes the roots of eyelashes strong and grows thick hair.
  7. Repair damages that came into existence by using chemicals and dry mascaras.
  8. It can be used after wearing falsies or lash extensions.

The eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body, and your eyelids contain the thinnest skin, so the eyes and eyelids should be treated carefully. Herbiar designed a serum with natural eyelash ingredients so that you can use it without fearing it could harm your eyes.