This year Diwali will be celebrated on 14th November. Preparation of festival begins in India from few days in advance. Diwali is one of the widely celebrated religious festivals; it is marked with excitement every year. It is often associated with prosperity and wealth; people worship Goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesh for welcoming wealth and good luck on this festival. Lord Ganesh is the god of prosperity, good luck, success and remover of obstacles and Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, she is a symbolism of beauty and all the good wealth. Diwali celebration runs for five days, first day is Dhanteras, then Naraka Chaturdashi (Chhoti Diwali), then Diwali, 4th day is Govardhan Puja and 5th day is celebrated as Bhai Dooj. Diwali is all about enjoying with family, friends and relatives, people share sweets and gifts to make the bond of care and respect stronger.

As Diwali is festival of love, care and bond we will enlist some amazing Diwali Gifts 2020 in this blog:

1. Sweets

Sweets or Mithai are considered pure and lucky for festivals and special occasions. It shows Diwali celebrations are best shared with loved ones. It is a small lovely gesture of wishing happy Diwali to family, and friends with the joy of celebrating the festival. After all, variety of flavours and endless types of sweets are a must in Diwali.

2. Plants

Gifting variety of plants helps express respect and various emotions. It symbolises that you care about their health. Plant influences the mood of the people around them. Its green foliage and colourful flowers will make them happier. Apart from these benefits, plants can be used as décor items for offices, school and home.

3. Chocolates

Chocolate is a healthy and lovely gift option because it is full of feel-good endorphins and it is good for cardiovascular health. Chocolate hamper is a perfect gift for Diwali celebration. So, sweeten the mouths of your loved ones and to make them happy.

4. Dry fruit hampers

Dry fruits as gifts do not only symbolize love, care and bond but brilliantly thoughtful choice to gift your loved ones. The health benefits and taste of dry fruits, surpasses all the Diwali gifts. Gifting it on Diwali means that you are wishing your family long and healthy life.

5. Lamps, lantern, Candle or Diya

Light and brightness is a symbol of success, happiness, positivity and motivation and Diwali is also called as festival of lights; that is why it is a best gift to give on Diwali celebration. Beautiful wooden carving lamp, led candle, diya or lanterns will make your friends and family’s home attractive, full of positivity and full of brightness.

6. Beautiful flowers with delicious chocolates

By giving beautiful flowers to your friends and family you will be able to connect with their emotions of love and care. Whether its joy of something new, appreciation for some work, sympathy for others, beginning of friendship, affection for someone, apologies for some mistake and something as special as Diwali celebration; flowers with delicious chocolates communicates the deepest in the most graceful manner. So, convey your love and respect to your loved ones by sending flowers with delicious chocolates and make them happier on Diwali.

7. Attractive statue of God and Goddesses

God and Goddesses are the symbol of good blessings, fortune, wealth, luck, prosperity, success and destroyer of all the evil power. Gift attractive buddha, Lord Ganesh or goddess Lakshmi to your loved ones and Let their homes and lives be showered wi

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