With more home décor blogs and creative options coming up, there are various ways to display your collection. You can turn around any piece of furniture or wall to accommodate a pile of books or a few books here and there. You can opt for a modern bookshelf or a vintage wooden one too. Here are ways to spice up your showcase places in your home.

Places where you can display your collection of books

  1. Foyer credenza – As you enter the house, you can put a table or a credenza where you can put a vase and a single book or a stack of books. If it is in a corner, prop them up again on the wall and let the titles be visible. A messy stack looks great too. It also helps set the vibe of the house.
  2. Coffee Table – Do away with the quintessential coffee table book you find in the book shop. Get paperback books and keep a stack of 2 or 3 books on your coffee table. You can put the books in a tray and keep candles or other small knick-knacks on the table. The books do not need to be the center of attention. They can look great as a part of an ensemble.
  3. Study Table – The most obvious choice is to go for a study table with a bookshelf design. You can keep the books you need handy and at the same time, they can be on display neatly. Brighten the place up with small figurines or your trophies work great too!
  4. Side tables – If you think your coffee table needs to be appreciated in all of its glory, you can go adorn your side tables with books. Right from a book about wines and travel to comics for children. If you don’t want to keep any books in the living area, you can get a newsstand and keep your magazines, newspapers, and books without leaving them all over the place. You can add some variety for different kinds of people as well.
  5. Wall niches – If you have a loft or a shelf in the wall, you can definitely use it for storing items you don’t use regularly. What can be a better way to hide the contents than a lovely wall of books. Get books that you don’t use regularly in front of those items, and you have a partition made of books.
  6. Floating shelves – Floating shelves are all the rage right now. Get small shelves and put them up on the wall to make them look like the books are perched on top of a magic shelf. There are many designs to make it look it the book itself is on the shelf. You can also place artificial plants or small showpieces on top of the books. Floating shelves cannot take much weight and do not overload them by putting too many books on the shelves.

If books are a big part of your life, create spaces where you can sit and read. For example, if you create a corner in your balcony where you can comfortably sit and read, get a low table with storage space at the bottom where you can put your favourite books.