Are you a Disney Premium Subscriber? If so, your Disney Premium subscription is almost up. Please read this article before you renew. According to the official data Disney has the most subscribers in the United States. Because the dropbox is premium and it comes for free, it is important to know about this offer.

If you’re interested, stay tuned until the end without Disney Plus Clip Boxpost. We will be sharing our findings with you!

The Drop Box

This is the ultimate gift: the Happiest Box in the Universe! The Disney Dropbox, a package of eight to ten premium Disney items, is specially curated and the best designed. It includes some of the most popular and beloved franchises from the Disney Canon including Mickey Mouse and Frozen as well as Toy Story, Moana and Beauty and the Beast.

If you renew your Disney+ subscription, you will be able to get the Disney Drop Box Disney Plus. However, stock is limited. In just a few easy steps, you can have one delivered directly to your home. The cost is around 150 dollars. Click on the URL Code. If your Disney+ Annual Subscription has been renewed successfully Disney+ will email you before the 31st of December 2022. From that moment on:

  • Choose the Disney Drop “surprise” category that you want to receive. It will be a Disney brand.
  • Please complete the following information.
  • Your Disney Drop is delivered directly to the address provided.

Disney Plus Drop Box Eligibility

To select Disney+ customers who are currently subscribed to Disney+, a value of about $150 per box is available for as low as $79.99. These subscribers are eligible for the Mystery Disney Drop completely free. Disney+ can designate eligible customers (e.g., winners of prizes) to receive the Drop Box at its sole discretion. Each household is permitted one box. While stocks last. You can redeem the Disney Drop Box Disney Plus by sending an email with a URL cod to your Disney+ subscription when it is due for renewal. It will arrive at the address associated to your account.

Drop Box Shipping

Once you redeem the code to this mystery dropbox, it will be sent at no cost to you at the address you provide on the Disney Drop Redemption Site. Disney DropBox a Confirmation will be sent to the email you provided at the redemption site with tracking information.


Standard delivery is your only option for free shipping. Fast shipping is not available. US addresses can only be shipped to. Disney Plusis the best deal you can grab for premium Disney shows in 2022. What do YOU think? We’d love to hear from you.