Do you look forward to ordering sunglasses on the Dismacy website? You want to know more about the website and the products available. This article provides information about Dismacy.

In this article we will also discuss Dismacy com Reviews in different countries, such as the United States and the UK. It will also include information about the legitimacy of this website.

Website about Dismacy

Dismacy com is an e-commerce website which sells sunglasses and clear lenses. This website offers a wide range of sunglasses, in various styles and colors. You can also find sunglasses with clear lenses that are suitable for traveling.

The majority of sunglasses are priced the same as the rest, i.e. $24.99. This can make it a good deal to get different shades at the exact same price. With such a limited selection, some people still have doubts about Is Dismacy Legit .

Online scams are becoming increasingly common as more people fall prey to them. This is why so many people want to gather information about the website prior to placing orders.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of Dismacy’s website.

Specifications on Dismacy com Website

  • Official URL:
  • Contact number: +714 403 9064
  • Contact name- Diana Webner
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Postcode 92845
  • Office address- 5612 Trinette Ave, Garden Grove, California, United States
  • Shipping policy: International shipping is free of charge
  • Review. We couldn’t get any information. This is what we will discuss in more detail later in this article.
  • Return policy – The customer can return the item within 30 calendar days after it is received.
  • Payment Method- Accepts payment options such as Mastercard, American Express and VISA.
  • Social media-we couldn’t find any connection with social media.
  • Shipping company – It is connected with other shipping companies such DHS and UPS.
  • You can find a wide range of sunglasses on this website, including clear and design sunglasses.

Pros Of Dismacy Website

  • You can find products at very reasonable prices.
  • You can get deals in different payment modes.
  • Shipping free to anywhere in the world

Cons of Dismacy website

  • No dismacy com reviews were received.
  • There were only a few items on the site.
  • This website doesn’t seem to have any traffic as there aren’t any customer reviews regarding any product.

Is Dismacy Website reliable?

After all the pros and cons, it is time to answer the main question. Is Dismacy legit or a scam website that tries to deceive people and steal their money? Let’s see.

  • Domain age- Dismacy’s domain is less than a month old. It was created in 02/07/2021.
  • Trust score – The trust score for this website is only 1%. This is not a great score.
  • Is Legit? According to the domain’s age and trust score we can conclude that the site may not be legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Social media links: There is no link between the Dismacy website and any social media link.
  • Plagiarism checking – The “about us” section on this website is 100% plagiarized.
  • Policies- This website’s policies seem too good to believe.
  • Google maps allows you to find addresses.

After reviewing all information, we can tell that the website is not genuine and should not be trusted. Review

Although we searched for reviews, there was no evidence or trace of them. This shows that the site works and is legit. However, this site does not have a section for reviews and has a low trust score.

As you can see, this website is not safe for customers who want to buy lenses or sunglasses.

Final Verdict

After reviewing all information about the dismacy com Reviews, and assessing its legitimacy, we conclude that the website is not legitimate. Customers should not use the site to order items. Look for trusted websites if you are looking for sunglasses.

We would love to hear from you about your experiences with the Dismay website. Please comment below.