Did you know you play Disgaea RPG? The popular video game series is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Disgaea RPG is the Disgaea series and a new series released in 2019. It belongs to the genre of role-playing games and is available in single player mode.

Video game enthusiasts in the United States will love to learn more about the new series. Can read Disgaea Rpg Serial Code messages for better understanding.

Knowing the game Disgaea RPG

The popular publisher Nippon Ichi Software released in 2019 a new installment of the Disgaea series, known as Disgaea RPG. The series is available for iOS and Android platforms.

The new series is now available with a free series code. The developer announced that the game will be available in English from April 13, 2021.

The developer of the English version of the game is Boltrend Games. However, the payers have not yet received the character levels in the new version. Players can find the Disgaea Rpg JP version tier list and see which levels are worth funding.

What do players know about the Disgaea RPG serial code?

During the game, the team will provide a serial code. You need to follow the team on the social media page in order not to miss the serial codes.

New US players must redeem serial codes before the end of April. Most of the time, the team shares the codes on a Facebook page. These codes include 200 free Nether Quartz and 3 Gate keys.

Steps to follow to apply for Disgaea Rpg Serial Code

The Disgaea RPG serial codes will introduce some differences to the game. Payers must complete the task below to obtain the reference code.

• First, players must click the menu

• Select Other and select the serial code

• Receive the prizes you earn in your mailbox and enjoy the game.

What do you understand on the Disgaea RPG tier list?

The English version of Disgaea RPG has made this game quite powerful and players are looking for the character tier list. Originally the tier list is based on the JP version.

The English version of Disgaea RPG does not have a tier list yet. Based on the JP version, the Disgaea Rpg tier list may represent our level main heroes.

Character Rank List

Characters are divided into the levels listed below.

Under the S tire: – Desco, Laharl and Valvatorez

Below A-level: – Fenrich, Christ, Fuka, Usalia, Emizel, Mao, Sicily and Dark Santa Laharl.

Below level B: – Flonne, Etna. Adell, Rozalin, Raspberyl, Artina, Axel, Killia, Zeroken, and Seraphina.

What do players think about Disgaea RPG?

Online video game lovers mentioned that this game fits perfectly with a smartphone. Many people expressed the opinion that the game is extremely interesting and fun for them.

However, some players have complained about loading issues while playing.


The new version of Disgaea has become popular all over the world. Players can choose the Disgaea RPG code to enjoy the game.

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