One of the most effective ways of marketing, today, is Search engine optimization. The Internet has emerged as the biggest advertising platform and the best way to go about it is SEO. With the perfect strategy applied, you can easily boost your business. There are many different types of internet marketing service and each comes with its own set of benefits.

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Types of SEO

SEO can be broadly classified into four types:

1- On-page SEO– This is often called on-site SEO. It’s the process of improving and optimizing the content on the webpage of your business. There are many considerations to care of in on-page SEO. Research of the keyword plays a core role. Similarly, optimizing the metadata is also an important aspect of on-page SEO. 

Another important aspect of on-page SEO is internal linking. These are the links to other pages on your website which are attached to the anchored text. Internally linking your web pages to targeted keywords and having links with high-traffic pages gives a more user-friendly image of your page to the search engine. 

2- Off-page SEO– To put it simply, off-page SEO covers everything that is not on your business webpage. The purpose of off-page SEO is to create an aura of your business in the public. This helps in building respect and trust for your brand in the minds of the customers. The predominant focus of off-page SEO is link building. 

Some of the well-known tactics are guest posting, competitor research, and HARO. 

3- Technical SEO – These are the actions that create a better environment for the search engine crawlers to crawl on your page. This type of SEO is always evolving because the algorithm and pattern of a search engine are in constant flux.

You must ensure that your website speed is up to the mark, your site structure is proper and the page is mobile-friendly. 

4- Local SEO– Local SEO focuses only on the specific area. The basic aim is to increase your presence in the online community and promote awareness about your product in the local masses. The rank on Google depends on the profile of your Google My Business. Your profile will contain all the relevant details like the address, photos, etc.


Even though there are different types of SEO, they must never be seen in isolation. A confluence of all these SEO tactics forms the best SEO marketing strategy which is sure to give a boost to your business.