Curtains are an excellent way to keep sunlight from damaging your furniture. They also provide privacy and can even help to insulate a house, keeping it warmer throughout the day. 

Of course, curtains are more than just a window covering. They are a great way to tie together different colour schemes in a room and make it feel complete, or even intimate. In short, most designers will agree that you need curtains in every room.

It’s not just curtains that can be effective. You can also use blinds to create the same benefits and effects. In fact, when you see the array of options at Skylight Blinds, you’ll realize that blinds can often be even better at finishing a room than curtains. 

However, no matter how good the window covering, there are times when it’s best to go bare. 

When The View Is Amazing

Curtains are designed to be opened and closed, effectively allowing you to see the view outside. However, if you have a fantastic view you don’t want to feel it is being impinged upon by the curtains, even when they are tied back. In this instance, it’s better to ditch the curtains and feel at one with your view. 

You Have Privacy

Clear windows without curtains can be very enticing. They are likely to feel spooky at night and perhaps even scary. They can also make a room feel colder. However, if you have no privacy issues, meaning no one can look in your windows, it can still be a good idea to ditch the window coverings. 

It will make you feel more at one with nature, specifically the yard outside your home. This can help you de-stress and, therefore, improve your mental and physical health. 

The Window Is Special

Most windows are white PVC and nothing special to look at. But, if you have a feature window, such as one that is a special shape or made from a dark colour then curtains will detract the attention from where it should be, on the window. 

This is especially true if you have an unusually shaped window. You won’t get curtains to match and the shape of the window, along with its effect on the room, will be lost. 

To Let More Light In

Natural light makes any area feel larger, brighter, and makes you feel more optimistic. If your windows are small you may prefer to stop using curtains in order to maximize the light coming into your home. 

This can transform how the room, or even your home, feels. In many cases, it will make the house feel more modern which can be important. 

Remember, the final decision about whether to use curtains or not rests with you. After all, it’s you that lives in the property and has to deal with the curtains, or lack of curtains. Imagine your home both ways or use a graphics program to help you make the right decision. It’s worth taking your time to ensure you make the right decision.