All the tiredness from the day’s chores gets vanished when we roll in our comfortable, homely sheets at night. This happens especially when we have changed them fresh on the same day. And the sleep comes flying to us so swiftly. Well, that is the magic of the recently washed, crisp and clean bedsheets. That is, a peaceful and rest-filled night. 

In order to prolong this feeling of freshness, you might sometimes wonder how to keep the sheets like this always. What is the best setting of a washing machine for bed sheets? And what to say if you have become captivated by the sensation that bamboo bed sheets give? Nothing beats the soft, smooth and comforting feel that bamboo bedding offers. 

If you are one of the bamboo sheets users, you would have speculated this at least more than once. That is, what is the best way to machine wash your bamboo bed sheets. What are the best washing instructions for bamboo bed sheets? Don’t worry any further. We understand your concern and this is exactly the place where you will find most of your answers. 

Firstly, we must understand that different bedding materials will require varying washing methods. For instance, bedsheets are best washed at quite a warm temperature, so as to kill the bacteria. Yet, bamboo bedding can be washed in cold water. The reason behind this is that bamboo sheets are anti-bacterial in nature. So, there is no need to wash them in warm water. 

It is but natural that when we like something, we take care of it. It’s a known fact that it’s almost impossible to find any fault in your bamboo bedding. But in order to maintain it, certain steps are necessary to be taken. So, if you want to increase your sheets’ life and optimise your sleep, keep reading to discover what needs to be done. 

Before getting into the washing details of bamboo bed sheets, let us first know a little more about them. There are many reasons why bamboo bedding in Australia is becoming a trend in vogue.

Features Of Bamboo Bed Sheets

  • Temperature Responsive: These sheets will keep you fuzzy warm in winters and cooler in hot summers.
  • Hypoallergic Properties: It will not cause any irritation or allergy to even a baby’s skin.
  • Moisture-Wicking: It dries off or absorbs any liquid that might be present on it.
  • Eco-Friendly: Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than a similar patch of trees grown.
  • Good For Sensitive Skin Types: It soothes even hypersensitive skin by its tender touch.
  • Durable: Bamboo doesn’t require a high thread count for it to be durable
  • Soft: As bamboo has a fine and lustrous finish, it feels quite soft and smooth without being slippery at all.

So, without further adieu, let’s look into what will be the best washing machine setting for your precious bamboo sheets. 

Top Washing Machine Setting Tips For Bamboo Bedding

The basic and most fundamental place to start your analysis about washing your sheets will be the instructions given on the sheets’ packing. Read all the instructions given for washing it carefully. Check out the section on stain removal as well. Along with all this, you can also find the suggested washing machine setup for the specific sheet. This is your first practical guide and should be the starting point before washing bamboo or any other material’s sheets.

Few Mandatory Points To Keep In Mind

  • Wash bed sheets separately from other clothes if you don’t want them to get entangled with zippers or buttons and hooks. This will cause damage to your sheets.
  • Keep plenty of space in the machine’s tub for a cleaner sheets’ experience. Try not to overload it with all the sheets at once.
  • When in confusion, keep the cycle mode on ‘gentle’, if not sure about the setting. It’s always a safe option for your sheets. Check again if any point is mentioned otherwise on the label. 
  • Hot water can prove to be harsh on the fine threads, but cold water does not offer much cleanliness. Therefore, it is suggested that you use a lukewarm temperature, the middle path. 
  • Using excessive hard detergents will wear off your sheets. Use about a quarter cup of quality liquid detergent. Use biodegradable and mild liquid detergents on your bamboo sheets. Avoid bleaching your bamboo sheets, as it’s very harsh for the material.

How To Get Rid Of Stains From Bamboo Sheets?

Mixing one part of water with every four parts of it will prove to be effective for the removal of stains from your cherished bamboo sheets. Soak the area that is stained in the mixture and let it settle there for some time. After a couple of minutes, wash it with cold water. 

Try using hydrogen peroxide for stubborn stains or a stain remover that is enzyme-based. But be very cautious while using anything on your bamboo bedding that it should not contain any content of chlorine. Chlorine will cause damage to your bamboo sheets. 

How To Treat Bamboo Bedding During A Wash?

Bamboo sheets wash and maintain their best quality when washed in cold water. Washing your bamboo sheets in hot water is a strict no as it will shrink all the bamboo fibres. And since bamboo bedding is ultra-soft, adding any type of fabric softener will just spoil the sheets. And as mentioned before, use a ‘gentle’ cycle and avoid bleaching your bamboo sheets. 

Can Bamboo Sheets Be Tumble Dried?

Yes, if you use a tumble drier, you can do so but keep the lowest tumble cycle and lowest heat for settings. It’s recommended that you line dry your sheets instead, as this will preserve the colours, elasticity and fibres of your bedding. Air drying your sheets is the best method to dry your bamboo sheets. It will retain the crispy nature of your sheets and straighten out the wrinkles too.

How Often Should One Wash The Bed Sheets?

In summers, make sure to wash the sheets every 7-10 days. In order to protect your sheets from sweat, body oils, dead skin cells, dust mites and dirt, regularly wash them at specific intervals. In winter, you may wash them once every two weeks. Houses with pets that sleep on the beds need to keep their sheets clean and wash them every four to five days, so as to maintain hygiene. 

Make sure that you purchase your bamboo sheets from the stores that only offer quality bamboo bedding at an affordable amount. We hope now you are less worried and concerned about your bamboo sheets’ longevity