Essential oils are some of the most popular, organic, and holistic tools on the market to help in areas of stress, air purification, and general cleanliness. Millions of people love essential oils and are impacted by their benefits on a daily basis. 

While there are a lot of good ways to experience the benefit of essential oils, using an essential oil diffuser is an effective way to get the most benefit. An essential oil diffuser is a machine that uses mist to propel essential oils into the air and spread them throughout a living space. They are the perfect addition to any home or even workspace. 

They spread the essential oil aromatically which is one of the most effective ways to benefit from the kinds of essential oils that you love to use. Before getting into how these incredible machines can benefit you and your family, let’s first look at how to discover the best essential oil diffuser this spring.    

What to Look For in an Essential Oil Diffuser

These are some of the top factors to look for when tiring to find the best essential oil diffuser.


The number one thing you want to look for with an essential oil diffuser is its size. Many essential oil diffusers hold small reserve tanks and can only last a couple of hours. Everlasting Comfort flips the script on that with their 400 ML tank that can keep your essential oil diffuser running for a whole day. 


The second thing to look for is design. An essential oil diffuser should bring joy when you look at it as well as when you experience its powerful effects in the air. Everlasting Comfort’s essential oil diffuser has a sleek wood design and a beautiful LED band will compliment any room you proudly display it in. 


Lastly, always look at how much noise an essential oil diffuser will make. The purpose of the essential oil diffuser is to create a serene environment that produces feelings of calm, and focus. If the machine is loud or noisy, this could take away from some of the key benefits of using an essential oil diffuser. The best essential oil diffusers will have a large canister for long run times, a beautiful design to complement any aesthetic, and will run whisper-quiet so they aren’t distracting.

Now let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using an essential oil diffuser and how it can improve your life. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using an Essential Oil Diffuser?

Natural oils have been proven to have robust and incredible health benefits. Depending on the kind of oils that you are using you can help improve your sleep, stress reduction, and even help purify the air. Here are some of the top benefits of using an essential oil diffuser. 

Helps to Create a Sense of Calm 

An essential oils diffuser combines mist and oil to fill a room with your favorite savory smells and sensations. This can create an environment that promotes feelings of calm and it can be something that rejuvenates your spirits. After a long day of work, a holistic way of unwinding and finding peace within your home is to start up your essential oil diffuser with your favorite essential oils. 

Lavender, chamomile, lemon, and rose are some of the most effective essential oils that help to reduce stress and increase peace and calmness. These oils can even help in certain situations of anxiety or tension.  

Purifies the Air

One of the benefits of using an essential oil diffuser is that it can have similar effects that an air humidifier would. That is, it can help to actually purify the air and make certain pathogens that thrive in dry climates harder to survive. Not only that but the essential oils themselves are thought to have their own powerful antibacterial properties.  

Some of the best essential oils for purifying the air are tea tree, eucalyptus, Jasmin, and peppermint. Not only will these oils make the air inside your home smell amazing, but they will also increase its overall quality. 

Mood and Bring Clarity

Using an essential oil diffuser is thought to boost your mood and actually help with focus and clarity. Using an essential oil diffuser when you have a large paper, or a deadline that’s fast approaching can help bring you the peace, clarity, focus, and determination you need to complete your goals.

Some of the best essential oils that are thought to increase your clarity and help you focus are sweet orange, spearmint, rosemary, and lemon. 


Getting an essential oil diffuser this spring will bring your home or workplace up to the next level. It can help to create an environment of serenity, calm, focus, and rejuvenation.