Developing effective means of industrial cleaning is crucial to maintaining a functional facility. This is because various materials create the components and machinery required for ongoing production. With that in mind, the correct cleaners ensure everything operates smoothly. In addition, cleaning should be quick and straightforward to keep everything moving forward with minimal interruptions. Discover the benefits of specific industrial cleaning systems and how they make a difference in production facilities. 

Technology and Flexibility

As technology continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to remain competitive. As a result, industrial cleaning solutions should combine advanced technology with flexibility for ease of use and safety. For example, Kaijo Shibuya created an ultrasonic cleaning system that operates at frequencies from low to high. Whether a facility needs ultrasonic at 19.5 kHz for 1.6 MHz, up to 1200 W of power is ready to fulfill any industrial cleaning application. From low-frequency cleaning to a full-fledged, high-frequency cleanup, facilities have fast and easy options to keep everything well-maintained. 

What are Ultrasonics?

Ultrasonics refers to topics using the properties of ultrasound, which is a sound with a frequency too high to be heard by human ears. To qualify as ultrasonic waves, the frequency must be over c 20 kHz. From low to high, the top of the scale is several GHz. Oscillations characterize ultrasound waves based on the material in which they travel, which turns them into traveling vibrations. These vibrations are used in various fields of engineering and industry for everything from cleaning to production. 

Maintaining a Safe Facility 

Implementing efficient industrial cleaning maintains safety in the facility by cleaning areas such as hard disk drives, glass, machine parts, and more. Higher frequencies create tiny cleaning bubbles due to the sound waves’ effects, providing precise and gentle cleaning. A significant benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is reducing or eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals that often emit toxins and may compromise the condition of machinery over time. As a result, facilities eliminate the need to expose everyone to harmful chemicals while maintaining the cleanest possible environment. 

Diverse Cleaning System

Another benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is the ability to clean various materials using the same method, including medical devices, glass, and ceramics. Plus, these cleaning systems are easy to install and use, eliminating the need for smelly chemicals and various cleaning implements. In addition, the facility management determines the level of powerful cleaning required and can adjust the frequencies accordingly to achieve their goals. Finally, look for adjustable output and remote cleaning features to ensure the facility is continually operating smoothly, safely, and cleanly.

Discover the advantages of investing in an industrial cleaning system from Kaijo Shibuya, an industry leader. Learn more about the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning and how it saves time and money while maintaining the safest possible environment. Leave smelly chemicals and lengthy cleaning sessions behind with an efficient cleaning system that ensures the safest possible environment for everyone while maximizing production possibilities.