The use of IP telephony services is a great way for a modern business to reach success. Clients of banks, online stores, and manufacturing companies negatively perceive communication problems (poor quality or difficulties with dialing) and it’s easy to get rid of such problems via the possibilities of cloud telephony.

The owner of a company or office does not need to collect documents and wait a long time to successfully connect a virtual number. All the processes can be made within a few hours after agreeing with the provider. You can get a Vietnam virtual phone number, Chinese, American, Greek, etc. only after the registration on the Freezvon IP provider website and making the essential steps.

Virtual number features

  • There are no restrictions on the number of received calls.
  • There’s no binding to the location of the company. A number can have a code of any country and city so the client will not be able to determine the real location of the organization.
  • A quick setup process is performed due to the absence of the need to lay a cable network, purchase/install/configure special equipment, etc. Internet and telephone (analog, mobile, or special IP) are enough to connect.
  • Low cost with a fast payback. The connection does not require expensive equipment. The number’s owner pays only for the services of the provider.
  • Reliability. The well-known IP provider Freezvon is responsible for maintaining the equipment that ensures the functioning of virtual numbers. This eliminates additional costs for repairs, energy bills, etc.

Virtual numbers are always ready to work and provide high-quality communication without interference. Moreover, the delay in the transmission of information is so small that it allows you to fully enjoy the possibilities of innovative telephony. You can connect a number with a virtual PBX or as a separate service. A mentioned type of number ensures the security of the company as a whole (including remote employees).

Basic features of a virtual PBX

These peculiarities include the next ones.

  • Call statistics. The manager has access to the client base, including all calls from the staff, which allows him/her to control the productivity of managers and see the situation as a whole.
  • Scenarios for forwarding. The client will not wait and the system will immediately switch him to a free operator.
  • Recording of conversations. This is very helpful in conflict situations and also allows you to track the productivity of employees.
  • There are numbers for free incoming calls. Toll-free numbers (800) ensure customer loyalty.
  • It offers the possibility of self-configuration. It’s great when the company has the opportunity to set up a virtual PBX itself. This gives independence and does not bind to the organization’s work schedule. However, this is not about technical support in general but about customization options.
  • Collection of detailed information. The virtual PBX makes it possible to collect as much information as possible about each call.

By the way, the Freezvon Company offers lots of additional services and call tracking is one of the most distinguished. It’s a new technological development that tracks customer phone calls and links those calls to specific advertising sources.

Call tracking privileges

The benefits of this technological development are obvious.

  • It records phone calls and establishes the source of potential buyers, which makes it possible to rank useful and useless advertising.
  • It improves the quality of work with clients and monitors the professional activities of managers.
  • It allows you to reduce the number of missed calls to a minimum, which automatically entails minimizing the transition of potential customers to competitors.
  • It collects all information, systematizes it, and transfers it to the Google Analytics appropriate center.
  • It provides the ability to execute automatic transactions, generate tasks, and contact cards when integrating with CRM systems.

Additionally, Freezvon offers lots of equally useful and profitable solutions for business prosperity. It is recommended to contact the managers for a full-fledged consultation to get all the information about the advantages of choosing a virtual number.