When it comes to marketing your business, many opt for the online marketing route especially given the digital shift that the pandemic has brought. Although direct marketing can reach a large customer base online, many other businesses are also fighting to get noticed. A good method to consider is direct marketing to your existing customer base. This method also utilises traditional marketing techniques that many forget to consider but yield great results.

You can increase your existing customer base loyalty through direct marketing by creating offers for your old customers to have them return their customers. With direct marketing, the response your consumer has to your offer is directly measurable: by offering a discount code, you can track how many customers used said code to judge the success of your offer, which can then be altered appropriately.

The following direct marketing ideas will help you create stronger marketing strategies for your small business, helping you grow your customer base and increase your income if utilised correctly.

Direct mail

Direct mail is simply the creation of leaflets, brochures, and other physical marketing materials that you send out to your customers’ homes. When using this method, you must ensure that your leaflets or brochures are eye-catching and professionally designed. There are many reputable companies such as CX Services that can directly assist you with creating your direct mail materials to conduct your campaign. 

To ensure this method works, you should collect the contact information of your current customers to distribute marketing materials accordingly within those areas. This means you can target prospective customers within those same geographical areas.

Whilst performing this direct marketing method is important to offer an incentive to your customers. This could include an exclusive offer or discount code for your product or services. 

There are many ways to distribute your marketing materials, such as blanket distribution with a selected postcode range or a shared distribution system that incorporates your leaflets with local newspapers or other leaflets during their drops. Other options include offering samples of your products within the letterbox posting or offering them at events you attend with your business. The simplest way to distribute your leaflets is to hand out leaflets during events or on the street to catch customers around your business.

Email marketing 

By creating email campaigns, you can directly hit your existing customer base’s target audience. The method can include creating e-newsletters about your business or products to send through emails to customers to have provided on. Other ways of doing this include promotional emails to create new leads or offers for your current customers alongside simply appearing as ads within other businesses’ emails. 

The key idea is to include a cookie or pixel into your website to track your online visitors to understand how they use your website. This provides you with a deeper understanding of how customers interact with the products on your website to troubleshoot any potential issues, such as customers abandoning their shopping carts at the last minute.

Text Messages 

There is nothing more personal and direct than sending your customers text messages. Mobile phones nowadays are a commodity closely used by all for most lifestyle and personal things, such as banking or staying connected with friends and family. Due to this, it is important to respect your customers’ personal space by not spamming them with messages. 

It is important to keep your messages short and to the point, with a good reason for the message. You should maintain a professional tone to ensure you are not too intrusive in your communication. Text message approaches include sending sales and offer alerts to your customers, sending personalised messages with offers for birthdays or sending through delivery or pick up arrangement reminders.

In-Person Sales

There are many benefits to this promotional method as you can approach homes and businesses directly to see your products. You can get real-time opinions regarding your product or business, particularly if those you approach are willing to talk about your product. Through understanding direct emotions and facial expressions, you can get a sense of what your customers think of your product. 

There are many ways to make in-person sales, such as going door to door at various homes by appointment or unannounced to offer catalogues or product demonstrations. This can also be achieved through setting up a booth at an event. 

It is important to focus on relationship building before getting a sale. By creating rapport, you can identify their needs, thus matching your products to them accordingly.