Are you looking for an online retailer of shoes that sells online worldwide? There are a variety of shoes accessible from a variety of online retailers of shoes across the United States. However there are many who lack transparency and efficacy. So, before using the website for shoes, buyers must be educated.

This article will examine Conzuri reviews discuss this brand, discuss the Conzuri shoes brand and evaluate the site. Read this article for more details about the website and its features.

Brief Check of Conzuri

Conzuri is the name of a footwear business’s web-based portal. It is a shop offering high-quality, professional shoes. They are now offering new and fashionable products for all. Customers can enjoy substantial discounts on the website, which is the reason it has recently gained a lot of attention.

  • Boots for Women
  • Shoes for Women
  • Sandals for Women
  • Boots for Men
  • Shoes for Men
  • Sandals for Men
  • Boots and Shoes for Boys
  • Boots and Shoes for Women
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Slides
  • Insoles

Let’s have a look at Conzuri shoes and whether they are legitimate. To make this assessment we need to look at other aspects like specifications, quality and customer reviews.

Features of Conzuri Site

  • Buy products at:
  • Official E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Official Phone Number: +1 (888) 255 6618 & +44 20 3885 0895
  • official address:Not provided.
  • Owner’s information about the site:The owner of the shoe business is not yet been identified.
  • Social Media links:Two social media accounts are linked to Conzuri. One is active and the other one isn’t. One of the accounts is Facebook while the other is Instagram. It is worth taking into consideration when making a decision Conzuri shoes. Legit.
  • The delivery policy is:There is no data related to any delivery fees on the website.
  • Privacy policy, Terms and conditions: In the present, both policies and terms are clearly stated.
  • Delivery: Orders are delivered within 3-14 business days, based the location of your home.
  • Tracking of the products:Within 48 hours, you will receive tracking details.
  • Returns and cancellation: Provides a one-month money-back assurance. There is no formal cancellation policy.
  • The refund process is:Within 3-5 working days the refund will be granted by the authority of the website.
  • Payment method:The shoe brand accepts Amex, Apple Pay, Giro Pay, GPay, Klarna, PayPal, OPay as well as Visa for payments on orders.

Conzuri Reviews on Positive Highlights

  • Accepts different payment options.

Negative Highlight

  • There was no cancellation policy, nor delivery fees were mentioned.
  • Is Conzuri Scam or Legit?
  • Domain Creation Conzuri Website Domain Name Conzuri domain name for website was launched on the 23rd of December 2019.
  • Webpage AgeFor the past two and a half years plus 19 calendar days Conzuri has been operating.
  • Website Expiry Date:The acknowledged domain of the store will expire on the 23rd of December, 2023.
  • Country of origin:Although the domain was bought in Lambeth United Kingdom The site does not make any reference to the place of origin.
  • The trustworthiness: Conzuri has a trust score of 86 percent and the lowest global Alexa ranking of 498429. This information must be included within Conzuri reviews.
  • Data Security:An Https Secure communication channel has been verified to protect the data from the site. However, it isn’t an assurance of security that is successful.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 7/100.
  • Threat Profile: Not available.
  • score for Phishing: It is not available.
  • Malware Score: Not available.
  • Spam Score: Not available.
  • Social Relations of the site The Conzuri website has a small Social media profiles. Two profiles are available one is Facebook, while the other Instagram profile is not. Facebook profile is not actively used while it’s Instagram profile that is. Instagram profile is very active, with more than 9k followers. The information will be used when evaluating whether the legitimacy of the profile.

Customer Review

There are a lot of Conzuri reviews on the internet. There are more than a thousand ratings from Amazon that contain mixed product reviews. Additionally, there are a number of reviews by customers on Trustpilot.

It has YouTube reviews as well as online reviews, too. It also has a an excellent Alexa score.

Final Verdict

The Conzuri website appears to be authentic with a great ratings, trust score and a low threat profile. Therefore, we recommend purchasing products from the website however, you should read reviews.