Dinnerware sets are a special kind of splurge that is enjoyed the most by people who thoroughly enjoy entertaining. If you enjoy looking at pattern after pattern of dinnerware sets, take a look at these extra special sets that might just be the perfect way to re-introduce entertaining into your life after the word quarantine becomes a distant memory.

Best Eclectic

You can’t beat Hermès for timeless style. The beautifully made Cheval D’Orient American Dinner Plate is hard to look away from with its thick floral border, and a single horse that rides through the center of the plate. The style of painting seems to be rendered to be evocative of prized 19th-century racing horses, which were often commissioned for paintings by their loving owners, to be hung in the family manor and cherished for generations to come.

The plate, just bursting with Americana, can definitely be paired with the matching soup plate that completes the Cheval D’Orient pattern, but you might prefer the dessert/salad plate from Hermès Bleus d’Ailleurs collection, as well as the bread & butter plate from that same collection. The latter depicts a single, giant blue blossom, that picks up on the tiny blue flowers that are on the border of the dinner plate. Decoration aside, “soup plates” never seem to be great serving pieces for either salads or soups, as they tend to be too shallow for liquids and at the same time too deep to pass for a plate.

This happy combination is colorful, artistic, and beautifully eclectic. If you feel like it needs some extra equestrian oomph, pick up the Cheval D’Orient Dessert Plates, which are rendered with four beautiful horses each, and will turn the heads of even the most refined guests that you have over for pie and coffee.

Best Party-Ware

If you are planning a party of any sort, Shutterfly offers plates that can have essentially any image printed onto a reusable plate for a relatively reasonable cost. Any crazy theme you think up can be reimagined as a plate pattern, or just have the birthday girl or boy immortalized as a plate. Your imagination is the limit.

For an even more discount party experience, Zazzle can print your image onto disposable plates for mere pocket change per plate. For that low price, you can finally afford to have your kitty’s quinceanera decked out in style like you always wanted: with cake plates that feature the feline of honor!

Best Super Budget

Dollar Tree’s super cute dinnerware collections will blow you away. You really won’t expect the amount of style you can snatch up for a buck a plate. The Lemon Dinnerware Collection is just the seasonal pick-me-up you need and can afford, even on a tight budget. Lemon printed white dinnerware is stylish and welcoming for your dinner guests. The classic pattern evokes images of a breezy, outdoor wedding banquet.

This lovely collection, made of ceramic, includes roomy 10-inch diameter dinner plates, 7.5-inch salad plates, and  5.5-inch soup or salad bowls. Matching 12-ounce ceramic, lemon-covered mugs are also available, and some glassware (16-ounce water glasses and 11.5-ounce wine glasses) that is as lemony as you can imagine, as well. Perhaps stop just short of the lemon-covered glassware, and choose some classic plain glassware (also available for a crazy low price on the site) for the sake of staying classy by not being too “matchy”.

Best Everyday Luxury

Crate and Barrel’s Maison Cobalt dinnerware is hand-painted in Japan by talented artisans and features crisp white porcelain that has stylized, cobalt blue floral shapes that are not too frou-frou and not too plain. The fact that the set is entirely dishwasher and microwave safe is a major bonus.

This eye-catching set is affordable but looks expensive. It features an extra deep soup bowl that is appreciated by people who love to get their fair share of cereal in the morning. Now that you have a few dish patterns to look at, step two is to start planning that dinner party that is so long overdue!