Are you at the point where you just don’t know where to turn next in your attempt to make a success of your digital marketing ecommerce website strategy? If you are, then you’ll likely be suffering with poor search rankings, low conversion rates and no presence to speak of on social media. 

Even when talking about the best laid marketing plans, they can end up missing the mark as such and when you hear that almost half of all organisations fail to put together a clear and defined strategy, it’s not hard to see why many struggle.

So, what is it that successful marketers do that the rest don’t? That’s what we look at now, as we examine how successful operators engage with potential customers.

Asking For the Business 

One key thing that the top operators include in their digital marketing ecommerce strategies is a clear and defined call to action. What that means in plain english is that they ask for the business. Of course, when you’re face-to-face, you can simply ask “would you like to go ahead today?”, but you don’t get that chance online, so you have to approach things differently. 

It can be as simple as including a ‘buy now’ button or providing a clear description of the product. Less is more too, so don’t over-do it. Just a gentle nudge is often all that’s required to avoid abandoned carts.

Don’t Forget to Cross-Sell!

Something else that great marketers are good at is making the most out of the time visitors spend on their ecommerce store. The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is greatly boosted when site visitors are offered additional products that allow them to get full value for their purchase, with conversion rates of 15% or more much more likely.

Too many vendors miss out on this uplift for fear of annoying their site visitors with too much info, but it’s this kind of insight that customers actually want. They expect you to guide their journey, showing them accompanying products that they need to be protected – like extended warranties.

You’re not forcing them to buy extra products, just showcasing them along with their associated benefits. It’s up to them whether they take advantage or not. 

Connect Your Store to Your Social Media Accounts

In case you haven’t noticed, social media is a pretty big deal these days, which is why the best ecommerce owners integrate them into their website. Why is that useful to your digital marketing ecommerce efforts? You could show a product on Instagram that a viewer simply loves and wants to know how to buy it.

By creating a branded social media presence, you can highlight CTAs that direct customers to your shop in a seamless way. They might even notice they’ve moved sites when you do it well. 

There’s No Secret Sauce, Just Good Practice!

Don’t let anyone fool you, as there’s no such thing as secret sauce when it comes to digital marketing ecommerce strategies. However, what there is, is lots of best practice that you can put into action to drive sales, conversion and ultimately profit.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time. These practices are proven, along with many others you’ll find when researching the subject. So, why not try one or two out for yourself? 

Often, they don’t cost much to implement and they could just be the thing you need to realise the success you envisioned at the outset. Food for thought, without a doubt.