This article describes an online marketplace where digital assets can easily and securely be traded using Solana cryptocurrency. Learn more Digital Eyes NFT.

Are you one of those people who are fascinated by blockchain technology? You might have heard of the digital asset market online to purchase and sell digital assets. The new digital world has seen a significant impact from blockchain technology.

There are many people from Australia, Canada and the United States eager to purchase and sell digital assets. To learn more about Digital Eyes, please read the article.


Non-fungible token (NFT), is a cryptocurrency that stores data in a single unit on a digital ledger. Although it looks similar to other cryptocurrency, it cannot be exchanged. It can be tracked using blockchain technology. The duplicate is worthless as it contains unique codes that grant the owner complete copyright.

An NFT owner can sell it to another user and the buyer will get the new ownership rights. Each NFT is valued differently depending on the digital asset it represents.

Digital Eyes NFT

Digital Eyes is an open online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell NFTs. Transactions are done using the cryptocurrency Solana. This website allows artists from all over the world to upload digital art and set the Solana price.

A person can buy art by paying the creator the amount and acquiring the piece. The digital asset is an NFT and the buyer will be the verified owner. No other person can claim it as theirs.

Listing in Digital Eyes:

  • A user can list a digital asset on the Digital Eyes NFT for a low listing fee (0.001 SOL).
  • Two types of fees are required for a buyer who wants to buy an NFT on this market. The creator will charge a royalty fee and the platform will collect 2.5%.
  • Listing fees cannot be refunded.
  • Buyers will have access to the asset if it is verified. To get buyers, the NFT must be shared with the user if it is not verified.

Safety and Wallet:

  • Digital Eyes is extremely secure. Zokyo helps to ensure that the security of Digital Eyes is maintained.
  • The buyer pays the seller the purchase amount. Only Solano cryptocurrency is worth the value.
  • Solong, Solflare Phantom, Sollet and Sollet are the supported wallets.


NFT-based digital assets are rapidly gaining popularity since the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The process is easy and secure. This asset’s non-fungibility makes it more valuable.

Are you a trader of digital assets on Digital Eyes NFT. If so, please share your experience.