In recent times shooting for a suitable vape that will meet your needs can be a bit difficult. This is because there are different types of vapes available. However, it is essential to mention two basic kinds of Vapes: nicotine vapes and cannabis/CBD vapes.

Nicotine vapes are handheld devices powered by lithium-ion batteries and give a feeling of smoking even without combustion. On the other hand, cannabis vapes are larger devices powered by an electrical source or batteries and are used with THC, CBD, and several other herbs and concentrate.

More so, desktop vapes are most suitable and efficient for wax and dry herbs and do not have the harmful effects of smoking or smoking issues. Anchor text: desktop vapes

Here, we have taken the time to explain the different types of Vapes available and their various usage to keep you abreast of vapes and to guide you on the most suitable vape to use.

Nicotine Vapes

Although nicotine vapes are often referred to as electronic cigarettes, the term is used for only small devices since they look like cigarettes both in shape and size. Interestingly, there’s more to nicotine vapes.

Here are some types of nicotine vapes available:

  • E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the simplest and smallest types of nicotine vapes available. They come ready to use and are disposed of immediately after use. This device is suitable for traveling and those who don’t like to move with large devices. 

E-cigs are best used with nicotine to provide a user’s maximum satisfaction, thus making them ideal for those who are looking for a way to quickly switch from traditional cigarette smoking to vaping.

  • Weed and THC Oil Pens

A THC oil pen or weed pen is a simple electronic device used to distillate or vaporize CBD/THC oils. These pens come in pen-like shapes and feature a heating coil and a battery to heat the oil in the atomizer cartridge where the wick is housed.

That’s said, this pen’s heating process converts the weeds and other dry concentrates into vapor which smokers then inhale.

  • Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are devices that share similarities with electronic cigarettes. They are easy to use, affordable and refillable. Additionally, pod vapes perform better than conventional cigarettes and are suitable for nicotine e-liquid, thus making them a perfect option for delivering nicotine.

  • Regulated Squonk Kits

Regulated squonk kits are advanced vapes and have grown in popularity in recent years. A squonk comes with a squeezable bottle attached to an atomizer deck that serves as an external tank. 

Even more, most squonk devices come with one battery configuration even though there are also dual-battery squonkers for those who don’t have a problem with extra sizes.

Cannabis and CBD vapes

These types of vaporizers are available in two major types, which are portable and desktops. Portable vaporizer is small and handy devices, while desktops require to be set up. More so, desktop vapes are most suitable and efficient for wax and dry herbs and do not have the harmful effects of smoking or smoking issues.

  • CBD Vape Pens

A CBD vape pen is said to be refillable if CBD e-juice can be added to its tank. This product features a rechargeable battery and tank. Also, they are lighter and smaller than Mods. It is worth mentioning that some CBD pens are ideal for tight mouth-to-lung vaping, while others are best for direct-lung vaping.

  • Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

These are small vaporizers that are suitable for dry herbs such as high-CBD strains and marijuana. They come with a built-in oven for heating the cannabis at the right temperature hence producing vapor.


Overall, there are different types of vapes available. Although they share certain similarities, they also differ in their unique ways. While some are refillable and come with rechargeable batteries, others are not. Even more, it is worth mentioning that for refillable vapes, you can get your e-liquid online from various stores.