As the skeleton arrangement of a human body, the refurbished Motherboard structures the principle structure of PC equipment, comprising the vital components that one can accumulate inside. In addition, it isn’t that Motherboards are available just in work areas; they are significantly under the hoods of a PC and a cell phone, despite the fact that their development may contrast a piece. 

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Presently you know why Motherboards are considered so significant in the domains of a PC framework. So without taking any additional time, we should hop into our present guide which will assist you with understanding everything with respect to a Motherboard alongside that, we will likewise attempt to illuminate the fundamental parts of a Motherboard. 

Sorts of Motherboards: Complete Guide 

Here we have with us the rundown of various sorts of Motherboards alongside the looks and what highlights they have to bring to the table. 

AT Motherboard: 

These Motherboards are the most established of its sort. AT implies Advanced Technology (AT) power connectors, in spite of the fact that they have it or not. The AT Motherboards were utilized during the ’80s with size going 13.8 x 12 inches. This Motherboard made it hard for new drives to get introduced. At the point when they were utilized in mid 286/236 and 436 Computers, that being stated, above there is a reference picture of the AT Motherboard. 

ATX Motherboard: 

The ATX represents Advanced Technology eXtended as this Motherboard setup created during the ’90s is as yet being used. The ATX Motherboard is an improvement over the already working Motherboard, for example, AT. 

ATX is the most widely recognized Motherboard plan which is utilized in littler sheets (counting miniature ATX, FlexATX, nano-ITX, Mini-ITX). Measurements of a full-size standard ATX board run in 12 x 9.6 inches. The ATX Motherboards appear to have experienced loads of updates as of late. 

The cutting edge ATX Motherboard has numerous focal points over its archetypes. A portion of the highlights and employments of present day ATX Motherboard are as per the following 

More force stages for cleaner and more steady force. 

More leeway around the CPU attachment to oblige those immense secondary selling heatsinks. 

More extensive holes between development openings for better designs card cooling. 

All the above elements mean prevalent overclocking results. Also, we should not overlook the extensive ATX mid-pinnacle and full-tower cases with sufficient space for about six case fans, water cooling arrangements, tall (CPU and RAM) heat sinks, and such other cool stuff. 

Miniature ATX Motherboard 

It is littler than the normal ATX Motherboards with a component of 9.6 x 9.6 inches. A few produces have a measurement diminished to 9.6 x 8.1 inches. Most current ATX Motherboards have a limit of seven PCI or PCI-Express extension openings, while microATX sheets just have a limit of four. 

Small scale ITX Motherboard 

The Mini ITX ranges 6.7 x 6.7 crawls in measurement, which is littler than some other regular Motherboard. A few highlights and points of interest of the Mini ITX Motherboard are recorded underneath. 

The littler size and fan-less cooling which empowers it to low power utilization. 

Little ITX board can be utilized in any cases which are intended for ATX, Micro-ATX, and other ATX variations whenever wanted. 

E-ATX Motherboard 

The E-ATX is broadened ATX Motherboard, and its size is colossal contrasted with ATX Motherboard, yet it doesn’t make a difference with the size it has numerous highlights and uses, which some other common Motherboards need. The E-ATX is principally utilized for gaming. This Motherboard can be extended to have immense memory and can oblige a ground-breaking CPU with more centers. 

The highlights and focal points of the E-ATX Motherboard are given underneath. 

It has a great deal of PCI spaces and DIMM openings. 

These sheets have inbuilt WiFi, sound cards, installed investigating highlights, and ground-breaking VRM. 

A limit of 128 GB slam can be introduced on this Motherboard. 

These are the kinds of Motherboards which can be utilized customarily. In addition, there are a few highlights like overclocking, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, thunderclap, fluid cooling development, and some more. Taking a gander at this, we can close these ones to be the best Motherboards on the off chance that you are considering building a top of the line PC with stunning segments in the engine. 

Motherboard Components 

The Motherboard comprises of different parts that have their own task to carry out while working in a PC. The figure of a normal Motherboard is given underneath which tells its parts. We will likewise detail out every part beneath. 

Development Slots 

Development openings, as the name proposes, are utilized to extend of addition Sound Card, WiFi card or an organization card, and VRAM. Underneath you will discover distinctive extension spaces depicted. 

ISA Slots 

These were the most seasoned extension spaces throughout the entire existence of Motherboards. They were found in AT sheets and are distinguished by dark shading. Customary presentation cards or sound cards were introduced in these spaces. The full type of ISA is Industry Standard Architecture and is a 16-digit transport. 

PCI Slots 

The full type of PCI is Peripheral Component Interconnect. The PCI space is one of the significant Motherboard segments today and is incomprehensibly used to introduce add-on cards on the Motherboard. The PCI underpins 64-digit fast transport. 

PCI Express 

Otherwise called PCIe, these are the most recent and the quickest part of the Motherboard to help add-on cards. It bolsters full-duplex sequential transport. 

AGP Slot 

Quickened Graphics Port(AGP) is explicitly used to introduce the most recent illustrations card. AGP runs on a 32-bit transport, and both PCIe and AGP can be utilized to introduce top of the line gaming show cards. 

RAM(memory) Slots and SIMM Slots 

The full structure is a solitary inline memory module. These spaces were found in more seasoned Motherboards, up to 486-sheets. The SIMM underpins a 32-cycle transport. 

DIMM Slots: 

The full type of DIMM is a Double inline memory module. These are the most recent RAM openings which run on a quicker 64-bit transport. The DIMMs which are utilized on Laptop sheets are called SO-DIMM. 


The full type of BIOS is the Basic Input Output System. It is a Motherboard segment as an incorporated chip. This chip contains all the data and settings of the Motherboard, which you can adjust by entering the BIOS mode from your PC. 

CMOS Battery 

The battery or cell is a 3.0 Volts lithium-particle button cell. The phone is liable for putting away the data in BIOS, and the full structure is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Typically, a CMOS battery is code-named CR-2032.


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