We are almost aware about the importance of consuming a lot of drinking water every day but there a lot more things which we have to know about. Mostly, people struggle to get understand that which category of water is most appropriate and best. The market is full with a lot of different types. Every sort of water in the market has its own impressive and unique additional health benefits.

Packaged Drinking Water manufacturers are coming up with new ideas to provide the best outcome of the type of water they are selling. Water types you will often find yourself hearing about and find out which suits your specific needs the best.

Mineral Water

Packaged drinking water or bottled water is purified water that is portable. It is easily and conveniently available on the market, in small stores, and possibly every place you visit. The bottled water is filtered and purified, making it a good source of water for drinking, especially while travelling. It is a convenient way to access clean and safe drinking water. 

Distilled water

Distilled water is also known as deionized or demineralized water. Distilled water is a kind of water that does not contain any ions and minerals while making it the purest form of water one can get. It has nothing in it, nor good neither bad, which means it neither contains bacteria and contaminants nor any minerals or nutrients.

Alkaline water

The kind of water at PH level of 8 or above it, is alkaline water. It has a PH higher than of any regular water. A Research claims that alkaline diet is generally good for health which has made it more popular. It is absolutely safe to drink alkaline water. The biggest benefit of alkaline water is that it allows the human body to flourish as it makes it possible to maintain a slightly alkaline PH.

Tap Water

As the name itself suggests, tap water is simply the type of water that comes out of your water faucet. Many countries have a facility where local government authority supplies and controls the source of water. Tap water is generally safe to use for things like cleaning, laundry and sometimes even cooking. The biggest advantage of tap water is that it is easiest to access most people, cheap and generally a safe water source.

Boiled water

Ancient methods of extracting all the contaminants from water including boiling the water before consumption. It is one of the cheapest and most effective way to purify your water intake. This formula is back by science as you put water in temperature above 185 degrees F, i.e., 85 degrees Celsius; it will kill most pathogens in minutes. Boiled water is considered clean and safe to consume.

Hydrogen water

It is a kind of water that contains hydrogen molecules; these molecules work as powerful antioxidants. It has been claimed that these molecules help your body neutralize harmful free radicals that serve to disease development, slowed down aging, and reduce inflammation. Click here to learn more about the other benefits of drinking hydrogen water. The only drawback to buying this type of water is that it costs a lot higher than average-packaged drinking water.


The perfect water for consumption is hydrogen water since it contains antioxidants which can have some potential health benefits. However, it isn’t a cure for any disease or contributes to repair an unhealthy diet or lifestyle.

Consumption of a lot of water and keeping yourself properly hydrated throughout the day is really very essential for human body. Any kind of water is good for your health as long as it is healthy and doesn’t contain any sort of impurities.

But the best is the one which pure as well as safe or consumption. You cannot trust any other water when it comes for a baby, ill person and pregnant ladies. The trustworthy source at that point is only packaged drinking water. Mineral water is not only pure and safe but also provide a lot of beneficial minerals for the body which are not present in any other source of water.

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