Nowadays, beauty has a lot of different measures and standards. Aesthetics-inspired businesses are making a huge revenue every year. In this era of high-end medical advancement, everyone is taking chances to look better in the best way possible. It made skincare clinics and spas work in a completely new direction as the demand is over the edge. Medical grade skincare Canada has also authorized skincare clinics to offer certified services to help people out there. Skincare treatments are provided to people facing specific issues such as wrinkles, acne, scars, etc., that decrease your skin’s glow and youthful appearance. That is why you may find several skincare clinics around you, but here comes the critical part, you need to find certified places to ensure high-end skincare services. Some skin care clinics offer advanced services like the oxygeneo facial offered at Vertex Aesthetics Skincare Clinic Toronto.

Skincare Services

Let’s look at the services that one can find in the skincare clinics.

  1. Botox injections

The botox injection in Calgary and elsewhere is a prevalent and frequently practiced skincare treatment option. It is one of the most demanded skincare services globally. Botox is an authorized drug that temporarily paralyzes your injected muscles, gives an instant lift, and makes skin appear younger. It is a drug to bring back the elasticity of your skin. This procedure stays for 3-6 months, and once the medicine dissolves, you need to get the next session. Botox also offers you the best and most authentic aesthetic appeal to ensure high-end results. 

  1. Laser skin resurfacing

If you have aging signs, dark spots, or scars, laser skin resurfacing is an ample opportunity. It is a method to bring glow and youth back into your skin. This method act as a catalyst for collagen production that eventually gets back the younger-looking skin in no time. You will witness faster results, but the recovery takes a longer time. This method may cause redness or soreness, but these are common side effects that quickly fade away. 

  1. Cataract 

Clouding a lens for a better and clearer vision is nowadays performed in skincare clinics but under a strict medical environment. It may sound like a purely medical procedure, and it is true. Eye doctors working at skincare clinics check patients and perform cataract surgery in Calgary and elsewhere because people find it easy to access all services under one roof. But it is also necessary to get approval from the authorities because it is about the patients’ health and safety.

  1. Dermal fillers

It is one of the most practiced skincare treatments, especially in Hollywood, as this procedure instantly lifts lips and cheeks. The best part is the procedure also softens the wrinkles and deep lines. The drug dissolves in 6-18 weeks, which means a new session is required to keep the results the same. 

  1. Laser hair removal

When it comes to skincare clinics, how one can ignore or forget about laser hair removal treatment. This treatment is the number one practiced procedure as males and females go for it and get rid of extra facial or body hair. A laser hair removal machine destroys the hair’s roots and weakens them in this procedure. It makes the hair weak, and they fall off in no time. Earlier, there were many misconceptions, but the latest research and results have cleared out all of the doubts. 

  1. Microdermabrasion

The procedure improves the imperfections of the outer layers and results in plumper-looking skin in no time. It also helps reduce the stretch marks that provide a smoother look to your body. The best part is this procedure takes no more than 30 minutes and requires no recovery time. It is a lighter version of dermabrasion. The results of this procedure only depend upon the severity of the skin condition, which means if you have severe acne or marks, then the results will go away sooner. Still, this procedure can act as a miracle for your aesthetic needs.

  1. Chemical peel 

It is one of the latest and most practiced skincare treatments nowadays as it cleanses the deep layers of skin. It treats wrinkles, scars, rough skin, age spots, and freckles. This procedure involves a chemical solution that treats the skin with mild and robust peeling agents, and the solution takes at least a week to peel the dead skin out of your face or body. 


Medical-grade skincare in Canada and elsewhere ensures that skincare clinics work under strict guidelines, significantly impacting society. It is wise to consult a doctor before picking any skincare service. It is essential to understand your body and skin as picking one wrong procedure can cause a cascade. For perfect results, go for what your body needs.