Do you love grills? Do you appreciate it when you see people wearing them? If you answered yes to both questions then the odds are you are thinking of getting one for yourself or you already own one.

Grills have grown so much in popularity that it has gone past the era where it was only seen on rappers (hip hop artists). Nowadays, different people in different fields (not only rappers) wear grills daily. Due to the sudden rise in popularity, grills are now customizable. This means there are different kinds of designs you can choose from and you could even go as far as making yours unique if you have an idea of what you want in your head.

However, since you are here, it probably means that you have run out of ideas and you are probably tired of using the plain old one you have or it’s your first time and you are scouting for amazing designs. Whatever the case, you should continue reading because in this post you’ll find famous grill designs (from classics to new trends) that are not only beautiful but are also affordable. 

1. Solids 

Solids are arguably one of the most famous grill designs. They are not only famous, but they are also classical and affordable. 

A lot of people who use this design request a permanent style. The permanent style (or deep cut), cuts the gold in such a way that it reveals each tooth, thereby giving the grills a more natural-looking and permanent style (without actually being permanent).

Depending on what you prefer, you can choose to decorate your solid grills with gems, diamonds, or any other precious stone you fancy.

2. Fangs

Everyone loves a good horror movie and it’s for that same reason that vampires have become popular. There has never been a time when vampires weren’t associated with being sexy.

So if you are looking for a grill design that’ll not only attract the people around but will make you feel sexy and confident then you should get yourself some fang grills.

3. Honeycomb

Do you love an icy look? If you do, then you want to purchase the honeycomb grill design. The design creates a fully iced-out look. In this design, tiny diamonds are set into holes on the gold teeth rather than placing the diamonds on top. That in turn creates a completely burnish, or flush, diamond setting and also removes the feeling of bulkiness when worn.

4. Open face

This is another popular yet affordable grill design. In this design, gold metal is used to frame the edges of each tooth and the white centre is left uncovered or exposed.

The open face grill design looks beautiful on its own but many people who have used this design often ask for a mixture of open face and solid gold in their custom pieces. Also, certain cuts like diamonds or permanent cuts can be used on open faces to give the user or wearer a more intricate look.

5. Bar

Bar grills are also quite popular. There are lots of options to choose from if you decide to obtain a bar grill design. The horizontal gold bar can be placed across any number of teeth and you can set enamel, diamonds, gems, and even letters on the bar. 

One of the most popular bar grill designs is the six-piece design. In this design, the bar extends across the four front teeth and then transitions to open face or solid grills in your canine teeth or fangs. On top, the bar sits along the bottom edge of your teeth. However, if you want bottom grills then the bar will sit along the top edge of your teeth.