Technology is constantly evolving, not even every day. Make the industry of IT products Likewise, electronics are constantly changing, for example, all touchscreen smartphones no longer have buttons. Significantly slimmer computers or even televisions or TVs that have evolved from large glass tube monitors to LCD screens that have reduced the thickness considerably. Until it comes to OLED display technology currently on the market, there are many types of TVs, many screens, many features to choose from in the price range that can be selected. However, many people may be confused about how each display technology differs because of the different prices. Let’s see the difference between LED TV LCD TV and OLED TV display technology. If you want to buy Vision Led Pro click on the highlighted link and visit our profile. We recommend buying vision led pro because it’s very famous brand which launches all types of best led. Must visit there and get your desire one.

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LED TV (Light Emitting Diode) is the most popular type of TV on the market. Developed from LCD technology for LED TVs, it is a tiny light bulb and has Liquid Crystal, a semi-solid crystal in 3 colors red, blue and green that twists in degrees to allow the light from the LED to shine through. come in various colors Gives a good light that the LCD consumes less power and the machine is thinner as well.

– EDGE LED, the device is slimmer and consumes less power than LCD TVs, but is limited in terms of displaying colors that are inferior to the Full LED type

– Full LED will be superior to EDGE LED in terms of showing colors, sharp images, bright colors, high contrast.

– RGB LED is known as the top of the LED because it uses 3 color LED lamps, namely RGB (red, green, blue) as a light source to be grouped into a group of full screen panels with the same local dimming technology as Full LED, allowing the display of images and colors to be more accurate, clearer, and more dimensional But must be exchanged at a higher price than the two types mentioned above.

Advantages of LED TVs This type of TV is characterized by a thinner screen than an LCD screen and a Plasma screen with brighter and more vibrant colors. And most importantly, it consumes less power than LCD TVs.


LCD TV (Liquid Crystal Display), which uses CCFL lamps or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, which looks like a thin tube like a coffee bulb, arranged horizontally down to a light source (Backlit) works with all 3 Color Filters. The colors are red, blue and green before showing the different colors. That we see on the screen the advantage of LCD TVs is that it provides bright colors that are suitable for displaying color graphics such as cartoons, documentaries and dramas moreover, the brightness of the screen because it is suitable for use as a monitor connected to a computer suitable for use in brightly lit rooms. Such as living room or living room (or those who buy to install in a shop or restaurant, LCD TV would be more appropriate)