UFC Fight Night viewers guide - Robert Whittaker should be one win away  from a title shot

If you’re a casual UFC fan or are new to the sport, you might be wondering what the difference is between UFC numbered PPV events and UFC Fight Nights.

The most significant distinction is the price. ESPN broadcasts UFC Fight Nights as part of a subscription. UFC fights are broadcast on pay-per-view. Another significant distinction is the sort of names involved. Fight Nights usually feature up-and-coming competitors, whereas UFC numbered fights feature more established combatants.

The UFC broadcasts two major televised events. Let’s find out more about each of them.

What’s the Pay-per-view or Numbered UFC Event?

A pay-per-view bout is referred to as a numbered event. These are usually significantly larger gatherings than Fight Nights. This is attributable to a number of reasons, which are: 

  • It contains more well-known fighters 
  • It features a title fight as the main event 
  • It generates greater buzz orchestrated by UFC Fight Night events
  • These events are also essential in terms of the commercial side of things. Pay-per-view sales are an important portion of the revenue stream. The UFC 257 event, for example, drew nearly 1.6 million spectators. This is where the corporation is increasingly receiving a large portion of its revenue.

What do the numbers in the events mean?

Some fans are perplexed by the naming conventions utilized by the UFC. Usually, it’ll just be a number. These numbered events occur in a chronological order. For instance, the inaugural UFC pay-per-view event was numbered 1. The following one was number two, and so on.

How much does the UFC Pay-Per-View cost?

  • For $89.98, new ESPN+ members may purchase a package that includes one UFC PPV event and a year recurring ESPN+ subscription. 
  • Each UFC PPV event will cost $69.99 for current ESPN+ members.

What is UFC Fight Night? 

While UFC Fight Night has become a regular event, it started off modestly. It began as the conclusion of the popular reality television show UFC Ultimate Fighter. The event’s and reality show’s popularity proved that there was a large market for the UFC to tap into.

The ESPN+ network broadcasts UFC Fight Nights. These fights usually feature up-and-coming competitors. However, every now and again, one of the major mid-tier stars may headline the event. It would be uncommon to see a prominent fighter compete on UFC Fight Night, such as Connor McGregor.

Athletes benefit from this program in a number of ways. For starters, it gives them the opportunity to introduce themselves to the audience. This can be an excellent approach to build a fan base and get traction. Second, it will help them impress Dana White, the UFC’s owner.

The program also plays a vital part in the UFC’s commercial operations. It keeps a continuous stream of future stars coming in. It’s also utilized to promote numbered events that are coming soon. There might be interviews with superstars who will be attending the events, for example. This allows them to create hype and enthusiasm for UFC events, resulting in more pay-per-view sales.

The key differences between UFC ‘Numbered’ Events and UFC Fight Night 

There are a few key differences between the two events. Here are some of the more noteworthy differences:

  • Where is it televised – Anyone with an ESPN+ membership may watch Fight Night. You must pay for PPV in order to view a numbered event.
  • Price tag – ESPN+, which costs about $69.99 a year, includes UFC Fight Night. The pay-per-view event, on the other hand, will set you back about $69.99.
  • Significance – At UFC events, there will be championship fights and high-profile rosters on show.
  • Frequency – UFC Fight Nights are a weekly event that takes place in the lead-up to a pay-per-view event. UFC numbered events take place less frequently. 

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