Tasha is the real Tasha and she is trending on the Internet. Tasha Leonard is currently the most searched keyword on the web around the United States. Sources say that news was shared about the demise of the gospel singer, who is also an songwriter.

What is the truth to the rumours and how accurate are they? We wanted to make sure there wasn’t any false information and we did a quick check to see if Tasha Cobbs had passed away.

Tasha Cobbs, what happened?

Tasha, also known to the world as Tasha Cobbs Leonard, a songwriter and gospel singer who won the Best Performance of Gospel award at the United States. According to some sources, she was experiencing depression and was in difficult circumstances.

Aside from anxiety, she was also diagnosed in 2016 with depression. According to reports, there have been reports on the internet that the gospel singer had a heart attack. Tasha Cobbs Still Live: There have not been any official reports or information on the internet to confirm the latest. Tasha and her life will be detailed in the next section.

An Overview About Tasha Coles

  • Tasha Cohens, a gospel performer, won the best performance gospel/modern Christian music award at 56th Annual Grammys.
  • She opened up about her struggle with depression as well as the difficulties she was facing.
  • She also declared her diagnosis for depression in 2016 in 2007.

Tasha Cobbs has died – True or false?

Tasha had a long and successful career in music. She was a Gospel singer/songwriter, whose performances were highly praised and appreciated. Sources say that her songs were inspirational and motivated millions.

After being diagnosed in 2007 with anxiety and mental disorders, she voiced her struggle with depression in 2016. She spoke of going to her room and being alone for days, without seeing anyone or eating. According to the news, her heart attack caused her death. However, Is Tasha Cobbs Dead? It’s not confirmed by any official news.

Final Conclusion

Tasha Cobbs and Kenneth Leonard were married on March 3, 2017. The wedding was private and attended only by her family and close friends. They have 4 children, including 3 from Kenneth’s previous marriage.

Official reports on her death have not been made public. However, all information about her death is taken from official sources. We do not claim any right to it.

What additional details do we have on Did Tasha Coopers Pass Away Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.