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Who founded the oath keeper?

Stewart Rhodes is an Army Veteran who was also a former attorney. The Oath Keepers is a right-wing, anti-government extremist group.

Why does this news trend?

This topic is very popular due to his unique personality. This man might be guilty of the greatest crime. He might be the most notorious criminal.

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What made Stewart be arrested by American police

Federal law enforcement officials confirmed Stewart Rhodes’ leadership of the far-right Oath Keepers militia.

Rhodes was charged with seditious conspiration in orchestrating a broad plot to storm the Capitol Jan. 6th and disrupt Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s electoral victory.

His arrest was a significant milestone in the investigation into Capitol Attack. It was also a first time that sedition charges were brought against prosecutors.

Did Stewart Rhodes Have His Eyes Broken?

Rhodes was an active member of the far right ever since he announced the founding and inauguration the Oath Keepers at Lexington, Massachusetts’ rally in 2009. Lexington was the setting for a significant Revolutionary War battle.

Rhodes presented an agenda against government to military personnel, current and past, who were present at the gathering. He claimed that his goal in urging members to resist unconstitutional instruction from officials was to ensure they keep their oath to Constitution.

According to the Atlantic Rhodes was an ex-weapons instructor who accidentally dropped a loaded weapon in his face. Was Stewart Rhodes Killed by a Gunshot? claimed that Rhodes lost his eye because of the experience and decided to enroll in community college.

The tragedy is little-known. It was not mentioned by any biographies or stories about Rhodes. Until Mike Giglio, an Atlantic researcher and journalist, discovered the truth.

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Final Verdict:

He had begun an anti-government campaign. He wanted to start civil war in the country he lived in. Later, he participated in the Lexington oath ceremonies in 2009. He also tried to start an anti-government campaign.

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