Steve Burns is a well-known host of the children’s TV show Blue’s Clues. Are you curious about the reason Steve Burns left Blue’s Clues’ show in 2002? Did you hear about other rumors surrounding Steve Burns? This article will dispel all myths.

Steve Burns was the host of Blue’s Clues, which was a top-rated show in the United States between 1995 and 2002. Many rumors circulated about Steve Burns’ baldness, including Did Steve Burns Get Cancer. Here’s a look at the myth.

Who is Steve Burns?

Steve Burns, an American musician, producer, and show star, is a child host host, American show producer, and musician. He was born in Boyertown, Pennsylvania on 9th October 1973. Burns was always enthusiastic and preferred to be active on the stage. This is why he was involved in several bands while in High School. Steve Burns was first recognized when he auditioned as a child actor for the preschool Children’s Show, ‘Blue’s Clues. The show aired its inaugural episode in 1995. Steve Burns was well-known for his long, green and white hair and iconic t-shirt. In 2002, however, he was forced to leave the show.

Did Steve Burns have Cancer The departure:

In 2002, Steve Burns quit Blue’s Clues’ abruptly. He left behind a disillusioned audience across the United States. He brought a new host on the show and then left the show. A few years later the rumors began that Steve Burns might have been killed in a car accident, or had become a heroin addict. Burns was later seen on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” and cleared up many rumors regarding his exit.

In 2016, Steve Burns stated in an interview that he had done everything necessary with the character in Blue’s Clues. This question was trending on social networks after Burns appeared completely bald in the photos. Steve Burns refuted the rumor.

The Rumor Busted:

Recently, the TV Star went to Nickelodeon’s twitter wearing the same “Blue’s Clue” dress and cap with glasses to address fans in celebration of the 25th Anniversary. While he doesn’t say why he left, he thanks all his fans. As he appeared more tired and pale than his previous photos, people started to wonder about his health.

So, Did Steve Burns Have Cancer? The answer is no. Steve Burns refused to be asked about his future appearance in children’s television. However, he clarified that he’s healthy and doesn’t have any terminal conditions.


So, it can be concluded that Steve Burns, a popular host and entertainer, left the show Blue’s Clues abruptly. This was not due to heroin addiction or any other reason, but because he fulfilled his character’s needs. To clear the air about Did Steve Burns have Cancer? The answer is clear.

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