In recent weeks, the conflict between Russia-Ukraine has been featured on nearly every news media platform via TV or other digital platforms as well as newspapers. The conflict has been ongoing for more than five weeks. It is now on a new path that has scared many people in Ukraine.

Recently, news of Russia’s attack on Ukraine has been widely reported around the world. This has created yet another buzz in the United States Canada, as well as other countries.

Did Russia Ukraine Bomb What was the actual outcome? Let’s find out.

The news:

According to the latest news concerning the Russia and Ukraine war it has been reported that on Wednesday 31 March 2022 the Russian military forces bombarded Kyiv, mostly in the outskirts. Also, the attack on northern Ukraine was carried out in conjunction with the bombardment of Kyiv. This horrific incident took place just days after the attack had been reduced. The news can be confirmed as a result of the recent media news. Let’s learn more about it

Russia Ukraine Bomb:

Russia and Ukraine conflict have been going on for five weeks, ever since the Russian military failed o capture major cities in Ukraine. According to U.N Human Rights top officials, Moscow city was subject to a brutal bombing attack. These bombing attacks reduced around 50 hospitals, schools, homes, and other facilities in the city.

According to sources, it was revealed that Ukraine’s military and Government officials called Russian troops out on Tuesday, 29 March 2022 (Tuesday), as part of a cease-fire operation in Kyiv city (capital Ukraine), as well the northern region Chernihiv to improve the trust between the two.

Russia Ukraine Bombs – More:

The media reported that an intensified bombardment of the capital city of Ukraine, 30 March 2022 was heard from the suburbs. There, officials from Ukraine entered the area and were captured. On Wednesday, however, nearby residents heard the loud sounding of bombing.

According to reports, the mayor stated they heard sirens the entire night and saw explosions and rockets. He mentioned that there was an intense battle that day in the outskirts city and that many died from the Ukraine Bomb.

The response of other countries:

The conflict is becoming more severe every day. Major countries like the United Kingdom India and Australia have voiced their condemnation. Because every country wants peace, and the conflict between Russia & Ukraine is getting worse, major countries and their officials are working together to restore peace.

Final Verdict:

So, Did Russia Ukraine Bomb Yes, the attack took place on Wednesday. Read our daily blogs for more information. Is there something you want to know? It is possible to leave your comments in the box.