Did you know that NASA found something that left the public stunned? You can’t go wrong. This article will tell you some incredible news about NASA’s latest findings.

After publishing news about the new item, the United States organisation has shocked many. They found something that was similar to their home plant. Are you curious to know: Did NASA Discover a Mirrored Planet? 

More information about NASA

NASA’s full form is National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The administration was founded in 1958. NASA’s science is based on the observation of earth systems. NASA also studies the solar system’s planet bodies with New Horizons spacecraft and advanced robotics.

NASA has been investigating big topics, such as Big Bang, and other topics related to astrophysics. People are shocked and start to ask Did NASA find a Mirrored Earth. This article will answer your questions if you are interested in learning more.

Facts about the Earth

Scientists continue to search for clues in the quest to find life beyond our planet. We have so many facts about our peaceful home planet. Let’s examine those facts.

  • 71% of Earth’s surface is covered.
  • It takes approximately 23.934 hours for earth to complete its orbit on its axis.
  • A mirror planet has been featured in the news recently. Many people are curious if NASA discovered a mirror earth. 
  • One of the most exciting facts is the fact that the sun, earth and moon were created roughly simultaneously. The other planets in our solar system are however estimated to have formed at 4.6 billion year ago.
  • It took the earth’s oceanic crust and crust almost 200 million of years to shape. This is what was discovered in a recent earth survey.
  • Earth’s core measures approximately 7,100 kilometers in size. Mars is around 7,100 km.

Did NASA find a Mirrored Earth ?

Earth resemblance has been found in the solar system. It appears to be a rocky world, and it is called KOI-456. This planet orbits the star Kepler 160.

The star has been found to be in a habitable region, meaning that there is a possibility of water on its surface. Similar to earth, it received 93% sunshine which made the temperature comparable to earth.


The article’s final verdict is here. We hope you find it interesting. Many people have asked the question: Did NASA find a mirror-like Earth? Scientists are still searching for more information.